Common Conditions and Illnesses of Senior Citizens

A major concern of people as they age and approach senior citizen status, is that they will begin to suffer from major illness and assorted health conditions. While this certainly possible, people have learned a great deal about common health complaints of senior citizens. There are many ways to completely avoid them or at least lessen their effects. To begin with, there are certain elements of aging that no person can escape. Gray hair and wrinkles are inevitable as people age, and while these signs certainly begin years before you are considered a senior citizen, you can at least rest easy knowing everyone else will suffer them as well! Other issues of aging are more serious and, despite our best-laid plans can have negative impact upon our lives. Learning how to avoid as many of these issues is important in a bid to maintain good health and independence both in and out of a senior living center.

One of the most common conditions experienced by senior citizens is depression. While depression can occur throughout any of the life stages, stress caused by changes in living arrangements, retirement from work, or death of a spouse are very difficult issues to deal with. It is normal for life stress to cause a bit of temporary depression as people work through their emotions, but long-lasting depression can occur if people around the depressed senior do not recognize the signs. Senior citizens who live alone and are not actively involved in physical and social activities are at a higher risk level for depression and finding ways to encourage these activities can be difficult for aging people who feel lonely and withdrawn.

Failing eyesight is also a common issue of aging people and regular checkups and tests should be conducted to catch any problems as quickly as possible. Cataracts, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration are leading causes of lost eyesight and in many cases can be prevented by screenings to detect signs early. Surgery is often possible to improve and even save a person's eyesight in many cases.

Heart disease and strokes are health risks that increase with age, but the risks of both can be diminished greatly by making sure you are taking care of yourself. Eating a diet that is nutritious and healthy, stopping smoking, and regular, planned physical activity can do wonders for your heart and circulation. Talk to your doctor about changes you want to make in order to increase your general health and he or she will likely be more than happy to offer suggestions and tips to increase your success.

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