Corporate Dashboard Designs: Top 5 Things Needed for Dashboard Design

For a dashboard design to work well for your company, you must consider five very important elements. In most companies, dashboard reporting has become a household name because it is usually used for BI purposes or business intelligence. Sometimes, you don’t need to find the most expensive or technically advanced dashboard design. What matters most is that it will coincide with the character of your company.

1. Try to make it a team effort. Don’t waste your time coming up with the dashboard design without the presence of top management people. You have to make it a team effort and as such, top managers must be around when you make your dashboard design. Since they will be using the dashboard design, they must be equipped with the skill and knowledge on how to use it. This is where most businesses fail, when top managers fail to use their system. You will lose your chance of performing better if this happens.

2. Always include KPIs in your dashboard design. These Key Performance Indicators are the foundation so you need to make well-researched and carefully thought of KPIs.

3. Focus on the data. Some people may come up with their own dashboard design and end up neglecting the most important aspect- the actual data. Making sure that every detail is accurate is necessary so as not to compromise the accuracy of your dashboard design.

4. Don’t include too much data. Lengthy data might just bore your audience so try to avoid them. You can just take out some unnecessary details. Also, don’t use too flashy slide presentations because these have a tendency of distracting your audience.

5. A dashboard design should be personalized. For a design to work well for your business, it must be tailored-fit to suit your company’s needs. This is the only way for the design to be successfully utilized.

The top five elements of a good dashboard report design have been presented in this article. Now, you can drive your company towards success.

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