Creating Flower And Feather Centerpieces

For modern and unique wedding centerpieces, combining feathers and flowers can be the perfect choice.  There are many advantages to this combination.  The feathers dilute the cost of the flowers, it’s more interesting than a simple flower bouquet, and you have more design options when it comes to the feathers.  It’s easy to make flower and feather centerpieces for weddings.

The first step to any process is to gather your supplies, but before you do that, you have to decide what those supplies are going to be.  If you haven’t already chosen a color scheme for your wedding now is a good time to do so.  You may even want to plan it around the feathers or flowers used in the centerpieces.  Peacock feathers are a good inspiration point because of their vivid colors.  Ostrich feathers, on the other hand, can be dyed to match whatever colors you’ve already chosen.  Think about whether you want the centerpieces to look super coordinated or artfully mismatched.  Choose high quality feathers and flowers that reflect this, and don’t forget the vases!

You can then start to assemble the centerpieces.  How you display the flowers and feathers is really up to you.  The materials you’re using allow a lot of flexibility when it comes to style.  Experiment with different heights and arrangements to see what catches your eye.  Not all the centerpieces even have to match; each table can have a unique design.  The one rule you should generally follow though is to keep the colors consistent throughout the centerpieces.  It’s fine if the amount of color changes, for instance, if one arrangement has a little more red and green than another.  You should stay with the same group of colors the whole time though.

After the centerpieces are put together, see if any final touches need to be applied.  Stubborn feathers can be glued or clipped in place with small, unnoticeable hair clips.  The same goes for flowers.  Look at each arrangement individually, then put them together and consider them all as a group.  This will allow you to see any changes you need to make.  You may decide to make them more consistent or unique, or even to take out a certain kind of flower completely.  This last step will ensure that you get the exact centerpiece you’ve been picturing.

It can truly be fun to make your own wedding centerpieces.  Feather centerpieces with flowers are easy, unique, and inexpensive.  They’re something that even the busiest bride can accomplish.

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