Cubic Zirconia White Gold Engagement Rings – A Popular Choice

As we all know, engagement rings can be very expensive. Those diminutive diamonds can be more than a thousand dollars and could be out of the budget of many. Even if you save for a few months, it may still not be enough to buy one. That is why in lieu of the diamonds, cubic zirconia white gold engagement rings may serve as good replacements as they are more affordable.

Also known as CZ engagement rings, cubic zirconia white gold engagement rings are pursued by many engaged couples. In fact, they are primarily the main competitor of the diamond engagement rings for the following reasons:

Undoubtedly, affordable nature of this ring is the most obvious reason as to why couples prefer it. Furthermore, it is also hard to distinguish between cubic zirconia white gold engagement rings and diamond rings and which is why when they are worn, a lot of people still perceive that couples are using diamond stones during their wedding. For instance, this ring accompanied with a white gold ring band and a carat stone can cost less than $200. On the other hand, similar diamond engagement rings can cost more than $6000.

Cubic zirconia white gold engagement rings also have other benefits. First of all even though it’s cheap, it still has a higher light dispersion where other colors inside the white light can be separated when they enter the gemstone. Compared to diamonds, these rings have higher light dispersions making them unleash a higher impact. An equivalent diamond of the same brightness would be extremely rare and very expensive.

Even though a CZ is synthetic, this also means that it can be made with absolute perfection regarding its quality and clarity. Due to this a perfect cubic zirconia ring will look more valuable alongside an imperfect diamond.

When deciding between a diamond and cubic zirconia, it can be discouraging to only look at price. Try to consider other factors as well what your fiancée would prefer and overall design and feel of the engagement ring.

Of course, the budget should always be considered when purchasing an engagement ring. Ask yourself: Can you spend thousands of dollars to buy a diamond engagement ring? Don't worry if you can't as you are not alone. Expensive jewelry should always be treated as a luxury and not as necessity and this includes engagement rings. Therefore, do not think that a ring is less valuable just because it’s not a diamond.

It is vital to discuss it with your partner and not all by yourself. Traditionally, diamonds have always been used for engagements so you won't be able to help it if your partner wants one. But since the economy today is worse compared to the previous years, it is not a blunder to have some discussions about changing the type of stone that will be used as an engagement ring.

Cubic zirconia white gold engagement rings serve as good replacements according to couples.Aside from the low cost, you can wear it without worrying about people looking down on you since they probably would not even notice or care that the stone is synthetic. If you opt for these stones, you can save a large amount of money without sacrificing quality.

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