Dangers of Rhinoplasty Procedures

Nose jobs are very popular. Some might even consider them an “in” thing, especially for the image conscious. And it's not just women doing it nowadays. In fact, a lot of men get a male nose job or two over the course of their career, to attempt to improve their appearance to the fullest. But many people, both women and men, rush head first into getting rhinoplasty without truly knowing all the possible dangers and risks. And when something goes wrong, it's a shock for them.

The possible risks and dangers associated with rhinoplasty are extensive, ranging from the minor and negligible, to the major and truly critical. Some of the minor complications are often temporary, and can usually be resolved by proper medication and proper care. Some of these include bleeding, minor pain, swelling, numbness, and irritation. It is when these symptoms last for a very long time that warrants concern, and when that happens patients should immediately go back to the doctor to get treated.

Then there's the major and critical risks, some of which warrants a revision nose job, or even other surgeries to fix. Nerve damage is one, which occurs when a surgeon accidentally hits or severs nerves that can cause numbness, loss of sensation, or even extreme pain. What makes nerve damage quite dangerous is that its effects may not be felt immediately, not until the anesthesia used wears off, and by that time the patient might already be at home, and if the place of the surgery is far, it might take a while to get back to be treated.

One danger that's always present in infection, and can occur almost immediately. While infection is usually staved off by the use of medication, sometimes this isn't enough, and when the incisions show signs of infection it is important to return to the surgeon in order to be treated properly.

Even though there are many dangers, however, rhinoplasty is still a very safe and reliable procedure to get. Just be informed of all the possibilities so you can take the necessary steps to prepare for it.

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