Dating Tips: Approaching the Ladies

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can walk up to a woman, say a few lines and sweep her off her feet in an instant? It is nice, but unfortunately, you don’t live in a fairy tale. Real life is much more complex than that. However, contrary to what most men believe, how to approach a woman is not that difficult. Provided, of course, that you know how to push the right buttons.

Fortune favors the bold. If you’re too shy or coward, then don’t even bother wishing you can date her. You must have the guts to win her heart. If you cannot walk up to her, then you have already failed.

Self-confidence – that’s all you need. Being brave is one thing, being confident is another. If you believe that you are a great guy, then believe it. Believing in yourself allows you to say the right things and do the right moves. The women can sense your confidence because it shows through your demeanor.

Just be yourself. Most men pretend to be someone else they’re not. And nothing turns off a woman instantly than discovering that you’re trying to impress her with lies and make-believe stories. Remember that women are smart enough to see through your deception.

Always take the initiative. The girls are just waiting for you to make the first move. So grab the chance the moment it shows itself. If you keep on waiting, then the girl of your dreams might be gone before this “perfect timing” comes.

Don’t be too excited or anxious to get her private details. You will only look desperate or worse, a creepy stalker. Just let the conversations take its own shape. If the girl likes you enough, she might give you her digits without you asking for it.

Always be polite. Any form of social interaction, like talking to a new girl, requires mutual respect and courteousness. More often than not, it is the nice guys who are more successful in attracting women.

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