Deal for Dogs: Is It Possible To Get Cheap Older Dog Insurance?

Nowadays, insurance is not only for people. After all, pets - being family members too - also experience the same processes of aging (brittle bones, arthritis, lethargy), and are consequently prone to accidents. And treatment for these accidents cost a number of bucks - bucks which are not factored in the allocation of budget... especially now that the fees for veterinarian check-ups have risen over the years. Of course no one wants to shortchange the quality of care given to the pets - that is why it's fortunate that there are pet insurances available to take care of the older pets, and their unexpected visits to the veterinarian. And with the cheap older dog insurance that's tailor-fit for the pet, the best possible reimbursement can be provided without the needless hassle.

The good pet insurance covers not only vet fees: it should also be responsible for vehicular accidents, public liability (in the event that the dog unwittingly damages a neighbor's property), and other on-going health concerns, such as epilepsy, diabetes and heart problems.  Owners should be especially keen because (the final clause being the frequent conditions the repetitive consultation with veterinarians time and again) not many pet insurance firms cover them.

Compiled below are the different pet insurance firms especially for the aging pets (courtesy of

  • Argos Dog Insurance -  Dogs that are nine years old and over are not qualified to be covered for illness-caused death.
  • Churchill Dog Insurance - The same as with Argos Dog insurance, they will not cover the pet's death if they are nine years old and older.
  • Direct Line Dog Insurance - The coverage for pets start during eight weeks old to nine years old. For some breeds, they cover only up to six years.
  • E and L Dog Insurance - Their pet insurance services have an Older Pet variety, covering for pets eight years and older. They have no maximum age limit.
  • Halifax Dog Insurance - As with E and L Insurance, their overall pet insurance provides coverage for pets of all ages: from eight weeks of age to beyond.
  • Marks And Spencer Dog Insurance - Marks and Spencer Dog Insurance does not have an age limit. Their coverage for veterinary services is inclusive of puppies, grown-ups, and aging dogs.
  • More Than Dog Insurance - Their services are inclusive of older dogs.
  • Pet Plan Dog Insurance - To sign up for availing of services, the dog must be younger than 8 years.
  • RSPCA Dog Insurance - They will not cover for the pet's death if the dog is beyond eight years.
  • Tesco Dog Insurance - Their services include veterinary fees for older dogs. The policies are the  same across dogs of all ages.
  • Virgin Dog Insurance - Signing for an insurance should take place between when the pet is eight weeks to nine years old. Once signed up, the pet can avail of maximum insurance policies, regardless of age.

Taking these into consideration, it is still important to check the parameters of each policy by browsing through their information catalog, talking personally with their representatives, for any clause or concern to be made clear. Once these steps are in order, selection of a best-buy insurance will be done in no time.

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