Demand Studios Review: The Controversy Surrounding Demand Studios

If there is one online website that causes more division among freelance writers than perhaps any other it has to be Demand Studios. If you Google the term or Google the term Demand Studios review, you will be under assault by a barrage of reviews that are positive for that website and a barrage of reviews which are extremely negative to that website. So how can one website be so controversial and have online freelance writers on both sides of the fence? There are actually multiple reasons for this and as in many cases where such a strange and passionate split occurs, both sides make some pretty good points.

Those who like Demand Studios point out the fact that there is a seemingly endless supply of work for any freelance writer willing to do it. The average pay per article is $15 but some fields pay up to $20 or even $25 an article. For writers who can write more than one article an hour, this adds up to a pretty good pay rate. Writers are paid consistently two times a week, and there are several writers who make a full-time living writing online who sport Demand Studios as a major part of that income. This is a much higher pay rate than most other content mills you can find online.

Those freelance writers who hate Demand Studios can also bring up some legitimate problems with this website. Some writers have a theological issue with Demand Studios. They say this is content no writing, that it's not real writing, and it degrades from the writers who are legitimate and to need to be paid more for their work. Many writers have also had terrible experiences with some Demand Studios editors and this is a very realistic possibility seeing as how many writers who do write for this website have also had the same experience at one time or another. Many people also questioned how they handled the end of the writing program at eHow and whether this company cares about their writers at all.

Some of these are legitimate concerns however I have a serious issue with the theological argument. Who determines what a writer is worth? Just because I say I'm good enough to earn $50 an hour doesn't mean that I am. If I can't find anybody, anywhere who offer me anything close to this rate then maybe the problem is not with the lawyers but with me. Whether people like it or not, the market determines the value. The other complaints can be very legitimate but how many large companies really do care about their workers nowadays anyway? This doesn't make it right, but are you in this to make a living as a freelance writer or are you hoping for some type of glory?

There are many places to find a good Demand Studios review, but it is always a good idea to read several in order to get many points of view on the subject. Demand Studios will not be for everyone, but for some freelance writers they can be a consistent and major source of freelance writing income.

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