Dental Chair Reviews: Finding the Best Dental Chairs for Sale

An Important Furnishing

You want the patients that visit your dental office to feel at ease when they walk in the door. Needless to say, it is not in your best interest to have a squeamish patient or someone who is ready to leave as soon as they arrive when they see your décor. Therefore, dental chairs in your office must not only be comfortable but also present nicely appointed features. Therefore, any dental chairs for sale or dental reviews that you read must present the kinds of benefits that will provide comfort for the patient and a work area for you and your assistant. After all, a dental chair is one of your primary furnishings in your dental practice.

The Chair or Chairs you Buy Present a Favorable Impression

When you are in the market for dental chairs then, you need to look a three basic attributes. First of all, make sure that the dental chairs you choose are impressive, or, rather, favorably impressive. As the patient will be sitting in that chair to receive treatment, you want to make sure their eyes look upon a high-tech chair that gives them a certain level of confidence, and will make them feel more positive about the experience as well.

Take Note of the Chair’s Technologies

Take note too that the dental chairs you choose should also be ergonomically designed so the chair meets with your requirements when treating patients. Don’t try to adapt yourself to the chair. Make sure that it adequately meets with your own criteria with respect to treating patients. The chair, too, also needs to present all the current technologies that are available to ensure that you’ll be able to use the chair for quite some time. Because you are spending quite a bit of money on a dental chair, you want to make sure you don’t buy one that becomes outdated too soon.

Salient Features

When shopping for dental chairs for sale, you’ll want to consider a variety of features. For example, chairs come with dual membrane touch pads or may be designed with a foot control or touch pad for controlling the chair. Chair backs are usually designed with slim and thin backs although you can find some brands with thin backs and a wing-style chair. Most all dental chairs are made with die-cast aluminum.

The Arms of the Chair

When it comes to controlling the arms of the chair, some may have slings and rotating arms or what are called compensating arms. In other words, one arm remains fixed while a second arm rotates upwards. Or, both arms may rotate down.

Headrests and Brakes

Standard headrests on dental chairs may be magnetic or non-magnetic and chair rotation may be 30 degrees and 15 degrees on each side or 60 degrees and 30 degrees on each side. Chairs can also be designed with a manual locking brake or a brake that can be foot activated on the side where the dentist works.

Making the Patient Feel more at Ease

Typically, you can choose from two or three upholstery options with many chairs made of seamless, ultra-soft leather. With a thin, slim back, dental chairs provide you with the ability to work more easily. The tilt feature on most chairs offers the patient appropriate alignment of the spine so they can lie back more dexterously and less anxiously.

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