Dentures Compared to Implants

There are a number of options available for the replacement of missing teeth. When looking at the different types of false teeth, you may wonder which one is best for you.

Dentures Vs Implants

Partial, full dental plates or bridges are frequently used to replace missing teeth, but these usually do not feel natural. These dentures will commonly wear down the gum tissue so that they fit more loosely. Ill-fitting plates can even cause irritation, pain and sores to develop in the mouth. Dental plates fitted on the lower gums tend to cause more trouble than ones on the top.

Removable partials are great for replacing a few teeth, but they can also eat away at gum tissue. Dentures are popular because they are cheaper than other alternatives, and they can be made in a short amount of time. It is possible for a set of artificial teeth to last a lifetime, but some models may have to be replaced after several years.

Dental implants are a way to permanently replace one missing tooth or several teeth. When compared to traditional false teeth, they look more natural, are more functional and more comfortable to wear. Implants are a great option, but they are very expensive. The required surgery to fit the implants is complex, and there are a few risks with the procedure. These artificial teeth stay in place, are natural-looking and serve as a permanent solution for tooth loss.

Both options have progressed along with advances in modern technology. Dental implants are the preferred choice because they look great, are comfortable and permanent. The only drawbacks are the fact that they are expensive and the surgery can be extensive. For these two reasons, many people choose regular dentures. To make an informed decision, compare the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

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