Designer Shower Curtains

The choice of a shower curtain sometimes can be a struggle. Many homeowners make it their bathroom centerpieces, thus it is only necessary that these designer shower curtains look really “designer” looking.

This dilemma is compounded by the flood of options in the shower curtain department. Thousands of choices can overwhelm even the most picky of homeowners. If you’re still undecided, you might want to read these tips.

#1 – Determine the right material. Shower curtains are made from a variety of threads. Generally, they are grouped into two categories: fabric or synthetic. Fabric-type curtains are often made of cotton or linen. They look richer and more comfortable, but they get wet easily so regular washing is needed. Synthetic curtains are either nylon or vinyl. They are generally cheaper. They are very water resistant but often of poor durability. They may suffer wear and tear after a long time of use.

#2 – Determine the curtain design attachment. Is the curtain connected via hooks or quicksnap attachments? Is it sliding or drawn by cords? In choosing the curtain design, the commonly accepted rule is this: if the curtain is fabric, use a hook design to allow easy removal. If synthetic, you can use sliding or quicksnaps.

#3 – Get a design that everyone in the house can appreciate. Don’t go for bold ones like a purple shower curtain. You might want to get something with neutral color like shades of white (bone or eggshell) or yellow. These colors match well with any floor and wall tiles, and they are not very unpleasant to look at.

#4 – Go for quality, not price. There are many brands of shower curtains. But usually, cheap ones are also cheap in quality. So if you can, go look for a brand that is synonymous for quality. Curtain showers are investments so make it worth the money!

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