Digital Bathroom Scale Reviews: Top 3 Digital Bathroom Scales

Nowadays, people have become more weight-conscious than ever.  I, myself, have become careful enough to maintain the ideal weight for my height and age.  This is why I consider it a necessity to have a digital bathroom scale to help me monitor, not only my weight, but my family's as well.  It is, of course, important to purchase one that is highly reliable to make sure that the weight results are accurate.  Here are the top 3 digital bathroom scales that would definitely be worth the investment:

Digital Bathroom Scale Reviews

1. Eatsmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale with Ultra Wide Platform and Step-On Technology

I know that the name is a mouthful but this digital bathroom scale has certainly caught my attention.  It may not look as fancy as other decorative bathroom scales but it looks really sleek and classy.  It uses 2 AAA batteries but you need not buy a lot to be able to keep this scale from losing battery life.  Why?  It has battery power-saving features, meaning it only turns itself on when you step on it and it switches off when it has been idle for a few minutes or so.  The large 4.3" LCD display is big enough to make it easy to read and the backlight makes it possible to weigh even without turning the lights on.  The scale is also big enough to make stepping on and off comfortable.

2.  Eatsmart Precision Premium Digital Bathroom Scale 3.5" LCD and Step-On Technology

This digital bathroom scale looks really stylish.  It has quite a wide 3.5" LCD display for easy reading.  You may also switch from kilograms to pounds measurements.  The platform is made of aluminum and plastic material which makes it light enough to carry, however, the material looks like it could easily break with frequent usage.  My children love stepping on and off the scale and I am afraid it is not durable enough to withstand such activity.  Another disadvantage is probably the number of batteries it requires.  It uses 4 AAA batteries.

3. Eatsmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale with Extra Large LCD Display and Step-On Technology

The first time I saw this digital bathroom scale, I fell in love with how stylishly modern it is.  The glass platform looks great!  It is almost the same as other Eatsmart Precision models with regard to its backlit LCD display and step-on technology that requires no switching on or off.  However, it kind of breaks my heart to find out that there quite a lot of cases about difficulty in turning it on.  It kind of chooses which kind of floor it would work well on.  There are even cases wherein users need to lift it up a bit to make it switch on which is a hassle.  Plus, no matter how I love the glass platform, I am afraid someone might break it and cause a possible danger risk for my children.  I would rather buy something that is not as stylish but incredibly safe for my household.

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