Dirty Grout Cleaning Advice

If you are looking for advice on how to clean dirty grout then there are several different things that you need to think about. First, what are the best grout cleaning tools to use and in turn the right grout cleaning method. You might use different tools for different areas of your home as well as different types of grout. In addition, you need to consider the grout cleaning agents. Certain cleaners are not appropriate for use all over the home. You need to be careful not only for the sake of your grout, but also the safety of your family.

Your first dirty grout cleaning advice is to get the right grout cleaning tools. Sometimes it is necessary to scrub dirt out of the deep pores of the grout and for those circumstances you want a grout cleaning brush with medium hard bristles that are longer in the center of the brush head than at the sides. The medium hardness will allow the brush to get into the grout without tearing it up. The shorter bristles at the edges of the brush head will mean that the middle ones can penetrate the grout without worrying about bending or damaging the bristles on the edges. For the cases where you do not need scrub hard, you can use steam cleaning to get your grout clean and then the only too you will need is a steam mop.

The next piece of dirty grout cleaning advice that I will give is to get the right grout cleaner for each job. Some tile and grout cleaning supplies involve killing mold or mildew while other tile and grout cleaning supplies mean whitening areas that were stained with food or rust. You need to know what you are fighting to make sure that you choose a weapon that is appropriate. Once you choose your grout cleaner, make sure to test it on an area of your tile that is seldom seen to make sure that there are no ill effects of using it. This is an especially important step if you have colored grout because the color could fade.

If your grout is really dirty because you have let too much time go by between cleanings or because you have a stain that cannot be treated with common household cleaning products, then you may need the services of a professional grout cleaning company. Grout cleaning services will have much more concentrated and powerful cleaning agents as well as equipment that can generate hotter steam and has more powerful scrubbing. But even if you take excellent care of your grout, you may still want to hire a cleaning service every once in a while to tackle any lingering bacteria or deeply set in stain.

Dirty grout cleaning advice might not be needed if you seal your grout first. Grout sealant products are ones that are applied to the grout after it has completely cured and hardened that help to protect against the grout getting dirty or growing mold or mildew. There are two kinds of grout sealant you can choose. The first is topical sealant that you apply on top of the grout lines. It forms a barrier between the grout and the outside world. The second is penetrating sealer. This type goes down into the pores and forms chemical bonds with the grout. The bonds fill in the holes so there is nowhere for dirt and mildew to go.

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