Do You Have Gluten Intolerance Symptoms?

Have you noticed how you feel when you eat your much loved pasta dish, French toast or cake? Do you get a headache soon after? Or perhaps you notice abdominal cramps, gas or bloating? Do you suffer with eczema?

These could all be signs of gluten intolerance symptoms. Most of us have these in mild to severe but are usually not aware of it. We have got used to the feeling of un-wellness, the brain fog, the irritability and the lack of energy.

This does not have to be our way of life though. We can educate ourselves and change our lives drastically.

Gluten is the protein found in all wheat products and barley and rye. It is this protein that makes it hard for our bodies to assimilate it and it gets stuck in our gut. It cause a multitude of problems over time if gone unchecked.

First in order to find out if you do have gluten intolerance, avoid any wheat products such as pasta, breads, crackers, cookies and yes, your favorite cakes too. You will have to read the label of processed foods as well as they can have gluten too. Avoid canned soups, gravy mixes, soy sauce, malt vinegar, spices such as curry, flavored chips, egg substitutes, lunch meats and sausages, salad dressings and beer.

After avoiding these items for a week, slowly introduce them back and pay close attention to how you feel. Do you notice a headache? Bloating or cramping? If you have had eczema, is it coming back? Symptoms such as headaches and cramping can happen immediately after eating but if you have eczema it might take a few hours or a day to notice it flairing up again.

It is not impossible to avoid gluten if you find it has adverse side effects for you. Thanks to lots of alternative products on the markets you can get pancake mixes made from rice flour, tapioca flour and potato flour that taste delicious and you’d never know that it does not contain wheat.

Eating a raw food diet is also very helpful. Full of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds it will give your body everything it needs for nourishment and you will not miss all the carbohydrates. It will also help for weight loss so it is considered one of those diets that work. Try for yourself and see the changes it can make in your health.

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