Dog Training DVD Reviews – My Top 5

Of course, we all love our pets. However, there ARE few times when they manage to get on our nerves… a bit. Remember that time when Fido (accidentally) left a brownish surprise right beside the bed? How about when he “marked” the carpet as his territory? For all we know, these are just little doggy habits for them – how are they to know that doing “number two” on your upholstery is prohibited? These for them are just like any routine acts – purposeful, but without malice. And since you can’t exactly home-proof your dog, why not try doing it the other way around?

Thank goodness, technology comes to the rescue again. Nowadays there are a lot of dog training paraphernalia available (books, net, and for those who want it more comprehensive, instructional videos). Indeed, dog training DVDS are very helpful in helping Spot understand that the dos and don’ts. After all, we cannot all be dog-whisperers.

Compiled below are some dog training DVD reviews. Be conscious of what behavioral aspect need to be addressed, then take your pick among these informative instructional materials.

Dog Trading DVD Reviews

1.  The Dog Whisperer: Beginning and Intermediate Dog Training

Price: $17.99
Author: Paul Owens

This video has pioneered non-violent methodologies in dog training. Featuring over an hour’s worth of tips, tricks, and essentials, this utilizes the “slow motion” pace, as well as humorous side comments, to make the experience enjoyable to both person and pooch. A gentle music serves as the backdrop for the instruction, so watching it with pet is just fine. This DVD is comprised of parts such as Training Essentials (the attitude and concentration of the trainer is honed as well), Behaviors (the 8 actions important for both the owner and the pet to agree on – such as heel, sit, and others), and Tricks and Games (additional fun feats to “wean” the dog from expecting the proverbial treat every time).

2. Clicker Training for Dogs

Price: $11.53
Author: Karen Pryor

Featuring all-positive clicker training, this DVD offers a resolution for doggy-habits concerns. The videos focus on the following, among others: loose-leash stroll, lying down, being summoned, bell for potty, and puppy training. Click training is a method of using clickers to manage animal behavior. It works by marking positive behavior and rewarding it so that your dog understands the difference between good and bad. This method has been used effectively by dog owners worldwide and has been recognized as a top dog training method.

3. Train Your Dog - The Positive Gentle Method

Nicole Wilde and Laura Bourhenne

This DVD provides step-by-step instructions from two Los Angeles dog trainers to train your dog using positive and gentle methods such as clicker training which is used for movie dogs. Along with this, you will learn how to manage common behavioral problems and teach your dog essential commands. This DVD is truly interactive and features the techniques being tested over 20 popular  breeds of dogs. It also includes bonus material  on how to use play toys and training treats,

4.  My Smart Puppy: Fun, Effective, and Easy Puppy Training

Price: $17.15
Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson

This book and DVD combo by popular dog trainers, Brian and Sarah, details methods to raise happy and obedient dogs.  It provides a definitive guide to dog and puppy owners and covers fun methods to train and develop a positive relationship while ensuring your dog learns essential skills along the way. This package is filled with lots of helpful advice and packed with fun games and activities to try.

5.  It's PAWSible! Dog Training and Puppy Training DVD

Price: $44.99
Author: Beth Ostrowski-Parks

This is the most expensive dog training dvd mentioned in this article, however, don't let the price put you off. This DVD has been created by Beth Ostrowski-Parks, a certified professional dog trainer and is an award winning program that has had many positive comments. It is professionally filmed easy to follow program that will guide you throughout the dog training process and teach you how to eliminate undesirable behaviors, how to use positive reinforcement and how to prevent household damage plus much more.

Training your dog may seem like a difficult task but it is one that many dog owners will have to face. Fortunately, there are many great dog training dvds available which can make the whole experience easy, enjoyable and even fun. The 5 dvds mentioned above all have hundreds of positive comments about them and are currently the best dog training dvds available at the moment. So, no matter which one you choose, you will not be disappointed.

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