Driving Expenditure

Do you drive a vehicle? If so, what do you spend on your vehicle every month? I asked myself the question "How can I save money on my car?" recently, and came up with a few smart ways to cut costs and save money for other, more important things.

My favorite expression is "A penny saved is a penny earned" which basically means there's no point working hard to earn money if you will just waste it, you might as well see how you can save money in order to keep your finances above water.

Let's look at what a typical car driver has to spend to stay on the road:

- Buy the car. This is pretty expensive, in fact more than we'd care to admit. We get a good deal with interest free credit and furthermore we have nothing to pay for the first six months but we forget the real cost until the repayments start to come out of the bank.
- Pay for gas. This is getting more expensive every year, so much so that a tank of fuel costs double what it did a few years ago.
- Maintenance charges. If you have an older car you will have to pay a lot for car maintenance each year.
- Replacement parts. If you need a new bulb it doesn't cost much, but things like tires can be very pricey.
- Parking fees. Maybe you get free car parking at home and work. But otherwise you are wasting a lot of money.
- Get repairs done. If you have any type of car accident you will need to shell out to get your car fixed.
- Pay road tax. This is an unavoidable charge. Even if it is hidden away in your income tax.
- Buy insurance. If you are under the age of 25 you should make a saving by getting young driver car insurance, and if you only drive from time to time then look for short term car insurance.

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