Economical and Impressive Kitchen Upgrades

If you enjoy spending time in the kitchen, you tend to look for ways to improve upon its appearance and functionality, but at a reasonable cost. There are some improvements that you can do on your own if you are an ambitious homeowner. Then again, there are some upgrades that are better left in the hands of a professional. If you decide to do-it-yourself then obviously it’s going to be cheaper than if you had a contractor do the job.

One upgrade that could be tackled by a homeowner is kitchen cabinet refacing. But even if you had a professional do the work who is experienced in this art of refacing existing cabinets, you will still save a boatload of money over replacing them. So it really is a fine line as to whether it is even worth doing this job on your own. Due to the detailed work that is required, it may make sense to leave this one to a professional kitchen contractor. A typical cabinet refacing job includes replacing the existing cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and hardware such as pulls and hinges. If you have structurally-sound cabinets and have always wanted rich wood such as cherry, mahogany, or oak, you can have this look for a fraction of the cost of replacing your kitchen cabinets. Do your research and look at some before and after pictures. You will be amazed at the difference cabinet refacing can make to the look of your kitchen. If you seek out a professional, make sure to get references and you just may be able to go see the results of a refacing project before you decide to go that route.

If you love your kitchen then you probably subscribe to home and cooking magazines. You have seen the different kitchen backsplash ideas that have graced the high-end kitchens shown in the pages of these magazines. You’ve decided that replacing your existing kitchen backsplash is a job that you want to do yourself. The reason is that the amount of wall that makes up the backsplash is small in comparison to a whole room. The choices you have in this area of home improvement are extensive. You could texture the walls with drywall mud or Venetian plaster and paint over it with any color of your choosing. Don’t forget to use washable paint as the backsplash will be above and adjacent to the oven and will need to be cleaned regularly. Another option is installing mosaic tiles, glass tiles, or subway tiles. An easier, do-it-yourself option is to install tin or copper panels. All you need is tin ships and adhesive to totally transform your backsplash. The big advantage to these materials is that they are very resistant and clean easily.

There are some economical upgrades that you can do for your kitchen that have a striking and transforming effect on your kitchen décor. You really don’t have to break the bank to make some big changes to your favorite room of the house.

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