Electric Pocket Bikes for Fun and Economy

A Mini Motorcycle

If you want a fun, safe way to get around, then you will want to look at the electric pocket bikes for sale on the Internet. While they look like a motorcycle, electric pocket bikes do not run nearly as fast and are much less costly to operate than a gasoline-powered motorcycle or mini bike. Plus, the small, electric bikes can be operated by adults and kids alike.

Traveling off the Beaten Path

Therefore, you might say that electric pocket bikes are scaled-down versions of motorcycles. Usually, the bike can accommodate weights up to about 175 pounds and is generally designed to be no more than a little over three feet in length. Therefore, if you are rather tall, you might not be comfortable riding the bike. However, for everyone else, the bike is an economical and fun way to travel off-road.

Minimal Noise

Generally, electric pocket bikes run on electricity from twelve-volt rechargeable batteries. Riders typically can ride the bike for at least half an hour then before it needs more power. Also, whether you buy an electric pocket bike for yourself or for your kids, you won’t disturb the neighbors with the roar of the bike’s engine. Because it is electric, the sound produced is minimal.

A Product that Originated in Japan

Originating from Japan, electric pocket bikes were the offspring of bikes that ran on gasoline. In Japan, the bikes were used for racing and performing stunts. With upgraded safety features, the bikes soon became popular in the U.S.

Built with Safety in Mind

Because it is powered by electricity, an electric pocket bike is also environmentally-friendly. The mini bike has become popular for adults and kids too because it is generally built with safety in mind. Tires are made with seals that are airtight so there is a reduced chance of riders getting hurt because of a flat. Therefore, parents who buy the bike for their kids feel more confident about their children riding it.

The Electric Pocket Bike is not Street Legal

Of course, adults, too, enjoy riding electric bikes as they are lightweight, easy to operate, and you don’t need to have a driver’s license in order to drive one. That’s because an electric pocket bike is not made for use on highways or public streets. They are primarily made for off-road use. So, don’t ride a pocket bike on the street if you don’t want to get fined for the activity.

Wear the Proper Safety Gear

If you buy an electric pocket bike for your child or yourself, make sure that you wear the proper safety equipment – helmet and knee pads. While the pocket bike rarely goes above 15 miles per hour, you will need to wear the appropriate gear in case you have a spill.

Small and therefore Easy to Store

Electric pocket bikes provide riders with a number of benefits. Not only are they fun to ride, they are light as well, typically weighing in at around 60 pounds. Therefore, if needed, you can pick up the bike and put it in your car or store it easily. They don’t take up much space in storage either. So, when you are not riding your bike, it will not be occupying too much room in your garage or shed.

A Few Other Details

The largest electric pocket bike motor on the market is powered by 700 watts of electricity. Popular brands include Razor and Star II, with the median cost of the mini motorcycle around $400.

Some Selling Points

The cost to operate an electric pocket bike is not too substantial either, especially when you drive a pocket bike that runs on electricity instead gas. Plus, as mentioned, you won’t pollute the environment with toxic emissions. Needless to say, kids, both young and old, enjoy the experience of riding an electric pocket bike.

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