Exotic Pearl Colors – There’s More Than Just White!

For many years white pearls were the most popular choice on the market. These days, new cultivation techniques have given pearl farmers the freedom to experiment. In addition, exotic types of pearls such as South Sea and Tahitian have become more popular than ever. Today's lucky consumers have many options available to them, including peacock, black, purple, gold, pink, chocolate, and aubergine. No matter which color you choose, anything other thanshould white will make you seem trendy and modern.

Tahitian pearls do not come from Tahiti, but rather from French Polynesia. If you want black pearls, Tahitians are your only natural option. These pearls are also well-known for popular colors such as peacock and chocolate. Whereas chocolate pearls are treated with heat and bleach, peacock, a gray green with colorful overtones, is a natural color. Unlike other pearls, Tahitians are graded on a scale from A to D, with A being the highest.

Depending on your perspective and preferences, purple pearls are either more common than peacock pearls or one of the rarest types on the planet. Freshwater pearls are actually found in lavender quite often; if you want a darker color, you may need to resort to dye. This is because dark purple can only be found in the quahog clam on very rare occasions. In fact, although these pearls were once relatively common, nowadays the only way to find one is if it's part of your dinner.

Of course, if you do not mind dye then you have many options. Dyed freshwater pearls are inexpensive and widely available. Keep in mind that pearls that have been dyed are often lower quality.

Although white pearls will never truly go out of style, the many colors choices available mean that pearl aficionados have more options than ever before. Thinking outside the box, if you choose to do so, will be sure to get you lots of attention.

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