Expected Expenses During Your Maldives Holidays

It is a fact that Maldives holidays are somewhat expensive. If you are used to backpacking and paying really cheap accommodations and food during your travels, you will find that what you are used to is basically unheard of in these islands. Even if you have snagged the biggest discount on your travel package, it may still be pricier than what you would have spent if you went to other destinations for cheap holidays at the beach like the Philippines or Bali. This is most probably due to the fact that the Maldivian government has purposely designed their tourism to attract travelers at the luxury demographic in order to maximize revenues.

Due to its remote location in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the transportation costs to the Maldives will cost you quite a sum. You will be landing at the capital, the island of Male’ and from there, you need to ride a boat or another plane that will take you to your island resort. This leg of the trip will of course mean additional expenses. Flight delays or if your arrival does not coincide with the schedule of the resort’s transfer service, you might have to shell out some more to spend the night at a hotel in Male’.

In general, the cost of accommodations in island resorts will generally depend on your or your travel agent’s abilities in getting the best deals or discounts. Generally speaking, you will be able to get more savings from availing of an all inclusive package. You just have to know to the letter what exactly is included in the package since these vary per resort and even per travel season. A package for a double room is benchmarked at US$100, while mid-priced villas or rooms can cost between US$300 to below $500. Luxury packages and accommodations start at US$500 per day.

For food and drinks, expect to have no choice but to have your meals and drinks at the resort. While there are cheap local restaurants in Male’, the distance and cost of going there just for your meals is not feasible. For this reason, most island resorts are self-sufficient and have one or more restaurants and bars serving different types of cuisines. Most all inclusive packages already include three buffet meals daily. However, drinks are limited and even water is no exception. A lot of travelers ultimately find buffet meals and drinks somewhat limited and they end up ordering a la carte. Needless to say, it can get very expensive.

Tipping the service staff at the resort is still expected in spite of the 10% service charge or taxes already added to your package or bill. When you add all these up, you will see why Maldives holidays can still be expensive even with the lowest-priced all-inclusive package.

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