External Graphics Cards for Laptops

External graphic cards can help your laptop to improve its video quality. Laptops are really fantastic tools, but because of its portable design it makes it hard to upgrade. You can upgrade the RAM of your laptop, but other than that, you are probably out of luck. Even if your laptop’s CPU is good that can perform tasks on a fast manner, your video chipset will often limit what you can do.

It is good to consider external graphics card when you want your graphics card to improve and have better performance. This external graphics card are really good for people that has work or always on the go because it does not need to be plugged in.

While you are using graphics card, it will surely eat a lot of power of your laptop. The card grows warm quickly, drawing the attention of your cooling system away from the rest of your computer. It is really a big drain on the laptop’s system, so you must save power when you do not need it for the application by just unplugging it. Unplug the external graphics card when you are using less graphics extensive programs such as internet browsers or just word processors.

External graphics cards are not just used by laptop owners for gaming. Professionals often use this graphics card for high end graphic work or video editing instead of installing this powerful graphics card directly into the desktop computer. If you are working with large files of visual date or enjoy playing graphics extensive games, consider an external graphics card because it can balance performance with energy savings. It also gives you the convenience of having better graphics without having replacement on your computer components when you need them.

There are two basic forms of external graphic cards. The common one is a small box that is connected to the computer by means of a USB cable. They are found primarily in applications where multiple monitors needs to be used and also on situations when there are no available slots build into the motherboard of the computer.

They have the advantage of being easy to set up and easy to use but it will often lack in power and overall performance. Even though they are easy to use, they are still limited in some ways by the bandwidth of the USB bus, unless the external graphics card and the computer both are able to utilize the increased throughput of the USB 3 standard.  External graphics card does the rendering of the video on the card and it reduces the load on the computer’s CPU.

The second form of an external graphics card is a PCIe bases external graphics card.  It us plugged into an external box and connected to the machine through an expresscard slot or PCIe connection. This type of external graphics card has better benefits compared to the first one. Its can save power, better performance, and it has the ability to be upgraded in the future. But this type of graphics card if expensive and it’s hard to find

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