Extreme Grocery Coupon Shopping for Huge Savings on Food

Wouldn't you like to be able to save a small fortune every time you grocery shop? It's no secret that food inflation has really come to the forefront of many economic discussions lately. Although they're only admitting to a 15% increase in food over the last year, with estimates of gas prices that seem sure to reach five dollars a gallon sometime this next year, you can bet that food inflation will be discussed even further. You see, everything we purchase is moved by truck and once fuel prices go up drastically, well, you can imagine what will happen to the price of consumer goods including food this next year. So what can you do to start saving on food now? You can learn how to put your grocery coupon shopping on steroids, go extreme with your grocery savings. In short, use grocery coupon strategies that work.

Grocery coupon shopping is a very simple concept. Manufacturers offer of cents off coupon, you take them where you can get the best value on their offers, namely to store the store near you that doubles the manufacturer offer, and collect your discounts. What could be easier right?

But, there were a few things that nobody tells you to put your grocery shopping savings on the fast track.  First of all, never purchase anything without the item being on sale, and having a corresponding double coupon. Why? It the face value of the coupon is high enough, when it doubled the item will be free. Plain and simple, this is your best deal. Free is a pretty hard price to beat.

An advanced grocery coupon strategy that no one ever tells you is that you can maximize your savings by maximizing the number free deals you get every week. In essence you stockpile when the price is either low or free. So, how do we go about stockpiling for free?

Say spaghetti sauce is on sale in and ends up being free with a coupon this week. What you want to do is go to a coupon clipping service, purchase a pack of 10 to 20 coupons and pay the one dollar or less service fee. If you do this at the beginning of the week, just as soon as the grocery ads break for the week, you will have time to still purchase that item near the end of the week before the sale is over. You have to order coupons right away, though, so that they will get to you in time for the sale to still be running.

Some stores have limits on how many items you can purchase when you use multiples of the same coupons. In my local area the number is three per trip per customer. So, what you want to do is take your purchase to the car, walk back into the store, purchase another set of three items for free, and then leave the store again. If you have several of the same grocery store in your area, you can go to another store and repeat the process until you've used all your coupons. It may sound like a hassle, until you realize that 20 jars of spaghetti sauce for the dollar in coupon cost is enough to last you for a year and save you $80. Then $80 seems more than worth the effort for your time!

If you want to start saving more money than you ever thought possible, put your grocery coupon shopping on steroids. Extreme grocery coupon savings is where the big money is saved. A word to the wise though, you should watch out for coupon shopping addictions. Getting free stuff causes many of us to become coupon addicts before we know what has happened.

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