Facts About Red Wine

Red wine is very popular all over the world, not only as an alcoholic drink, but is also used as an ingredient in many tasty dishes. People buy a bottle and use some to prepare a sauce dish, and the rest is consumed with the meal, as food and wine can be a perfect combination. Although red, pink and white wines taste different, not many people are aware of the reason. It is actually depends on the type of grapes that are used to make the wine.

Red wines are best drunk in a glass which is oval in shape, as this gives enough room for the wine to be swilled around, so that it can breathe. Never serve red wine cold and the ideal temperature would be somewhere in the range of sixty degrees.

The best red wine also varies in taste depending on the body level. When wine body is light, usually it would be made of Gamay Grape along with only a few tannins. Whereas wine with a medium body will have more types of tannins, but will be lacking in flavor compared to a full-bodied wine. Therefore full-bodied wines are mostly preferred in cooking as the best flavor can be achieved. They have the highest amount of tannin and alcohol.

As per research many health experts are of the opinion that red wine is good for promoting the health of the heart, if taken in moderation, as it contains resveratrol. This increases the good cholesterol and the antioxidant properties reduce risks of heart diseases.

Although red wine is globally produced, places like Italy and France are more famous due to the huge size of their vineyards. Other places having good vineyards are USA, Australia, Argentina, Chile, Germany, South Africa and Spain. The origin and age of red wine determines the quality, but even so tasters have their own preferences, due to certain personal reasons. Sessions held for wine tasting are the best opportunities to discover your favorite. You need to master the technique of storing red wine at the correct temperature and do the tasting in the right glasses. Then you can sample wines from different countries and find the taste that appeals to you the most.

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