My Feliway Plug-in Diffuser for Cats Review

We have recently moved home and I was concerned that this would be an experience that would go down in the history of the household as one of the most stressful.  And that included our pets! The Feliway plug-in diffuser was recommended to me by a friend who knew that our two older cats had a tendency to scratch and spray when the routine changed too much - including when we recently introduced two younger cats to the household.  Even though we weren't moving very far, we decided that it would be worth investing in the diffuser - and particularly because it had come with such high recommendations.

How Does It Work?

The way the Feliway plug-in diffuser works is that it emits a synthetic pheromone spray into the atmosphere.  It's a species specific product so only the cats are affected which means that it is entirely safe with no side-effects for the non-feline members of the household - particularly for more sensitive people such as small children and pregnant women. When you have small children, like we do, it's always one of those things you need to check on the labeling.

The Plug-In Diffuser vs Pheromone Spray

The plug-in diffuser itself is also available as a spray which would be really useful if you were dealing with a specific area which your cat is spraying on a regular basis, for example.  But with our multi-cat household, we were really trying to create an environment for the cats in which they would feel secure and familiar despite it being new and strange.  For us it was all about keeping the pets calm!

My Experience With Using It

We followed the instructions with the diffuser and kept it going for the first month of our move even though the household really seemed quite settled after just a week.  The spray is apparently a familiarization  pheromone and is a close copy of what is actually contained in the urine that cats use to mark objects in their environment.  So, even though we humans couldn't see or smell the spray, the cats apparently feel as if they are in their own space and therefore have no need to 'mark' it.  The younger members of our cat family did seem to have higher than usual energy levels and began to scratch themselves a lot immediately after our move but within a week things were very settled and, thankfully, we had no spraying from the older cats.

One apprehension which my husband initially had regarding this product was that it relied on being plugged into an electrical socket.  He was concerned that the manufacturer was up not to standard as we definitely didn't want to overload sockets in a home we were unfamiliar with.  These concerns were all alleviated though when he read the packaging and saw that the diffuser device itself is made in the EC and complies with the BS 60335 building standard.  There was, however, a slight odor when we plugged it in, but it soon disappeared and I suspect it was just the result of dust in the air as we moved objects and unpacked crates.

All in all I would highly recommend the feliway plug-in diffuser.  Not only does it help to manage cat behavior in stressful situations, they are now calm and at ease. Our cats actually seem much more happier than before!

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