Find The Best Orchids for Your Home

Amateur orchid growers often just go out and buy the fist orchids they find without really knowing what they should be looking for in the plants. Orchids are quite different from each other and have very varied needs and characteristics. A lot of factors can affect the orchid plants such as the region the plants originally came from, the maintenance techniques of the supplier/grower and the specific needs of the different orchid types.

Follow these few tips and improve your chances of bringing home a good quality, healthy plant from your orchid shopping trip:

Check how firmly the roots have attached to the orchid compost or growing media. Healthy orchids are firmly attached, with strong root systems – damaged or weak orchids have poor anchorage. If the plant seems very unstable in its pot – reject it. A badly shaped plant is not a great start. Orchid pruning can be quite tricky so pick a plant that is a good shape to begin with.Also check the roots for any signs of discoloration or rotting. A bad or fusty smell can be a sign of a rotting root system, if in any doubt do not buy the plant.

Now it’s good to inspect the root system. You will want to make sure that the roots are not rotting from fungal or bacterial infection. Strangely formed roots can also mean that the orchid may be suffering from a virus attack. If there are some broken roots that is fine, as long as the majority of the root network is healthy you should be safe.

Check out the leaves carefully they should be beautifully formed and uniformly shaped. Malformed leaves may also mean that the orchid has caught a plant virus. In such cases, do not buy the orchid since most viral conditions of orchids are incurable. The leaves should also be green and not bluish or yellow. The pseudo bulbs of the orchids should be checked, these are actually newly formed buds that will later blossom and form the flowers. This check list is enough to get you started and remember to use your common sense when choosing the plants.

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