Finding the Cheapest Pet Insurance: Reviewing the Criteria

While some people think pet insurance may be a frivolous expense, it really is, instead, a necessary cost, especially if you consider your dog or cat a member of your immediate family. After all, with today’s advances in vet care and technology, it would be a shame if you had to euthanize your pet because you couldn’t afford to have him treated for an illness or injury.

So, your goal, when you are shopping for pet insurance, is to ask, “What is the cheapest pet insurance that I can find that will adequately cover my dog or cat?” A large number of pet insurance companies offer pet insurance at affordable costs but their coverages can vary. So, scrutinize your choices very carefully.

Remember, while your loveable dog or cat may not seem ill or sick, you still have to anticipate for any illness or injury that can occur. By being insured and finding affordable protection, you can rest a lot more easily that your pet will receive the needed care if it is required.

Pets that are two months of age or order are typically candidates for pet insurance protection. Therefore, if you have a new puppy or kitten, you can obtain coverage almost immediately. Plus, if you own more than one pet, many pet insurers will give you a reduction in your premium through the form of a multi-pet discount.

It’s important to find the cheapest pet insurance coverage and sign up as soon as you can as coverage may not take effect for a couple weeks with respect to some insurance plans. In addition, you may have to have your pet or pets examined by a vet before coverage can be instituted. Other plans will begin coverage as soon as you are enrolled and you’ve given them a remittance. Therefore, make certain that you read the fine print of your pet insurance contract and understand when your plan will be implemented and how long coverage will last.

When it comes to claims, pet insurers usually provide claim forms over the Internet, or you can file a claim over the phone as well. Because pet insurance is a form of property insurance, you must first pay the veterinarian before you receive reimbursement for your specific claim. It’s not like a health claim, where, typically, you never see any cash transaction - you just know that the claim has been paid.

To make any type of pet insurance protection even more affordable, you can opt for paying a larger deductible. Every pet insurance plan has its own established guidelines regarding deductibles, so, again, you’ll need to look over each pet insurance plan with some discernment.

If you do sign up for coverage but find a plan that better suits your needs, then most plans will allow you to discontinue coverage after a couple weeks as long as you haven’t filed any claims. Make sure, then, before you sign up for a plan, that you know the program’s cancellation policy should you have a change of heart or find another plan that is a better alternative.

Keep in mind, too, in your quest to find cheap coverage, that the company should provide good customer service and support. If the company’s representatives are friendly and helpful, it will certainly be much easier to deal with the company later if you, indeed, have to make a claim.

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