Five Common Types of Bras

There are so many choices on the market today for any woman who is bra shopping that it may seem overwhelming. With certain bras designed for very specific purposes, though, it is no wonder that a woman owns so many. Evening wear and casual wear my both require a different type of undergarment and then there is the choice of form over function. Five common types of bras and a brief description of their use:

Sports Bra – The name says it all. For running or athletic events, this bra keeps the bosom firmly in place and prevents unwanted movement. This prevents a woman from being uncomfortable and may prevent injury.

Tee Shirt Bra – When a bra is needed for tight garments a tee shirt bra is a great choice. Its soft material has flat seems to prevent any unsightly lines from showing through. These bras may also have interior padding to further conceal the nipple.

Mastectomy Bra – Any woman that has suffered the loss of a breast due to cancer may opt for a prosthesis bra. The special features of prosthesis bras are the special pockets they have to hold either a silicone or padded breast forms. This allows a woman to regain her curves, maintain proper balance, and restore her self-confidence.

Strapless Bra – When glamour is center stage, the strapless bra really shines. Evening wear that reveals the back and shoulder or that has a plunging neckline almost always calls for a proper strapless bra. This may be a convertible bra with the straps removed or even an adhesive bra that sticks directly to the breasts with no band around the back. If invisible support is needed a strapless bra is a must.

Minimizer Bra – This bra is great at concealment and unlike a strapless bra that helps a woman show off her chest, a minimizer bra does its best to help her hide it! Many women with large breasts are self-conscious and this bra will help them feel less likely to draw unwanted attention.

These are but five of the common types of bras on the market. There are many more and each performs a specific function. Every woman has unique needs and it is highly likely that there is a bra to help her look her best at all times.

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