How to Fix A Broken Laptop Hard Drive

By using a sequence of hardware and software checks it should be possible to analyze a broken laptop hard drive and possibly even repair faults prior to doing a data recovery. Here, I'll go through some of the checks you can do and many of the tools that can prove to be useful.

Begin by checking that the air inlets and air vents on the laptop are clear of dust not being blocked (e.g. by an uneven desk surface). This can lead to overheating of the laptop hard drive itself as well as the CPU.

If the internal drive is making strange sounds (e.g. grinding noises or clicking sounds) then this could indicate seized components inside the drive or the possibility of the motor failing repeatedly. A computer repair shop would be have to this hdd repair for you as opening up laptop hard disk is not something for amateurs to attempt.

Next, check the BIOS menu for any information which could help you identify the problem. Start by checking that the laptop hard drive has been correctly detected read it may have contacted with some peripheral component which you have installed or connected to the system. Disconnect this peripheral if it is in fact conflicting with your drive.

You should also check the BIOS for diagnostic information around CPU temperature (for signs of overheating). Start up your system and do a full disk check for bad sectors using Windows own error checking tool. Sector damage can occur due to physical and software issues with the hard drive and Windows tool is quite capable of fixing many of the software issues.

Finally, you may need to resort to using data recovery software when all other HDD repair tasks have been attempted but failed. Use a good quality commercial tool and install it onto a secondary partition if necessary.

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