Floor Safe Reviews: My Top 3 Home Floor Safes

No matter where you live, who you are, or what you do for a living, chances are you have at least a few things in your home that you consider as valuable. You never know when you could have a break-in while you are home or away, or even if you have little children around in your home, you want to keep your valuables put away somewhere safe so you do not have to worry about it.

Crime rates everywhere continue to rise. Stuffing your extra money and your valuables in between your mattresses or behind a painting is something you may see in the movies, but is not so sensible in real life. Buying a safe to store your valuables in is one of the best things you will ever do. It will give you peace of mind, knowing your most important items in your home are in a safe place at all times.

Benefits of Floor Safes

There are many benefits to using a floor safe over another storage container or even another type of safe. It is waterproof for one thing, so if you ever have a flood in your home, a leak in the ceiling, or any other situation where the area around the safe is wet, you will not have to worry about the items inside getting damaged at all. Floor safes are completely fireproof and incredibly durable. Most are made of a strong metal, such as steel, to ensure it can withstand wear and tear without becoming dented or damaged.

A floor safe is made to be mounted directly into the floor, preventing burglary and ensuring your safe is most secure. No matter what sort of issues arise, your floor safe will be secure and not end up getting tossed around in the home and possibly cracking open and damaging items inside. A burglar would not be able to steal the safe in their own time, because it is actually mounted onto the floor, giving you more assurance your valuables will stay safe.

Floor Safe Installation

To install your floor safe, the procedure is actually quite simple. Read over the instructions included with your safe first, as the specific directions can vary from one manufacturer and model to the other. Sit the safe on the floor where you want it installed, then draw a line around the outside of the bottom of the safe on the floor, tracing around the outside to ensure you get it just the right size. With an electric jackhammer, break through the floor following around the line, then line the hole with plastic sheeting. Pour some concrete into the hole, sit the safe inside while the concrete is still wet, then allow it to dry. This means your safe is literally cemented into the floor and is no longer freestanding on your floor.

Floor Safe Reviews

1. SentrySafe 7250 Waterproof Floor Safe

The SentrySafe 7250 Waterproof floor safe is one of the top-rated floor safes on the market. It features waterproof security, double locking bolts with a 12 gauge steel body, a 4 number combination locks and is quite compact in size. You can fit a fair amount inside of it, but it is not so large that it is awkward or too heavy.

2. IF-1212C Home & Small Business Floor Safe

There is also the IF-1212C Home & Small Business Floor Safe, which is a bit smaller in size but just as durable. With a LaGard Group II combination lock and body anchor base plate, you know your valuables are secure inside this super tough safe. Other features include a sturdy steel cover, convenient lift handle and drill resistant carburized hardplate.

3. Amsec B3800 Square Door Floor Safe

Or you may be interested in another of the best-selling floor safes, the Amsec B3800 Square Door Floor Safe. The heavy duty dead bar behind the hinge prevents the removal of the door. Even if a thief is somehow able to remove the hinges, they will not be able to remove the door, keeping your valuables tucked safely inside. Other features include interchangeable doors and a solid steel hinge mechanism using 3/8” diameter steel hinge pins and internal mounting bolts.

It is not hard to see how convenient and reassuring floor safes can be. When you have money, jewelry and other valuable items you need stored safely and securely in your home, a floor safe is the perfect solution. Whether you only have a few things to keep safe or a million, home floor safes allow you to have peace of mind and not have to constantly stress out and worry.

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