3 Types of Beautiful Fluorescent Light Covers for your Home

Cost-efficient Lighting

Fluorescent light covers are popular selections today as are the fluorescent light bulbs they cover. That’s because fluorescent lights save more energy than incandescent bulbs. As a result, fluorescent lights last much longer and are a more effective lighting system. Therefore, fluorescent lights do not require replacement as often as their incandescent counterparts. In fact, fluorescent lighting systems can operate ten times longer than heat-producing incandescent light bulbs.

Fluorescent Lights should be Recycled after Use

The mercury contained in fluorescent lights is considered safe as it is not emitted during use of the bulb. Nevertheless, you do have to be careful how you dispose of the lights as they do contain the harmful substance.  Therefore, the bulbs cannot be randomly thrown into the trash once they are used, but should be disposed of by recycling.

Soften the Level of Light

However, it is less likely that your bulbs will sustain harm if they are protected by one of the lovely fluorescent light covers that are available for home or office use. These kinds of covers not only add to your home’s décor, they also cut the glare and soften the effect of fluorescent lighting. By the use of fluorescent covers, you can enjoy all the visual benefits that are provided in high-quality lighting products that use incandescent bulbs.

Creating Ambiance

By using fluorescent covers, your environment will be transformed into an ambiance that offers lighting that is gently subdued and much less intense. These light covers diffuse light and showcase designs that lend beauty and appeal to any room in the house.

#1 – A Stained Glass Covering

One of the designs that you will enjoy is a stained glass design. You can choose from a number of colors and patterns. This type of panel and cover is popular, whether you use it in your home or office. Pick from such color combinations as gold and ivory, cherry and blue, or olive and navy, just to give you a sampling. Stained glass covers are well-suited to traditional interiors or homes with a Victorian décor as well as a cottage-style theme.

#2 – Mission Styling

Fluorescent light covers also come in Mission designs. Again, you can choose from a number of attractive color combinations. This type of styling goes well in homes with antique oak furnishings and brown leather upholstery. This is the perfect design for a sophisticated, yet streamlined, décor. The Mission style, popular during the early part of the 20th century, is denoted by simple lines – inspired by both craftsmanship and nature.

#3- Floral Fluorescent Light Covers

Another beautiful fluorescent cover you might want to consider is one denoting a floral design. Choose orchids for either a modern or traditional décor, or select a floral design of roses for classic themes.

Some other Suggestions

The above light covers only represent a small offering of the designs that you can choose. Fluorescent covers also come in styles that work well in children’s rooms as well as ornate selections that add elegance to dens and offices. For example, you can choose covers that give a seemingly panoramic view of the sky, or pick an ornamental ironwork design. Whatever your choice, one thing is certain- fluorescent covers are must-have items for today’s eco-friendly decors.

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