Flying Through The Dunes With My Off Road Go Cart

As a pre-teen, well before I had a license to drive, I can remember begging my parents to take me to a local outdoor go cart track. The track was lined with bales of hay, marking the twists and turns of the course. Helmet and goggles firmly in place, when the black and white checkered flag was finally waved I would jam my foot on the gas pedal as fast as I could. The lawn-mower-engine, gas-powered vehicle would shoot out onto the course along with the other would-be Indy-500 Racers.

Swerving and curving our way through the hay bales, barely applying the brakes, we would jockey for first place. Four times around the course was all we'd get for $3 bucks. It was an expensive treat won by hard work doing chores around the house. It was always over way too soon unfortunately. I would plead for another round, but alas it would be time to go home. My baby sister, who was too young to ride, looked longingly at the track and the go kart I would be disembarking.

Fast forward to here and now! As an adult I still love go carting. Now we have a family of four and live near enough to the dunes of Southern California to ride as often as the weather permits. We own two off road go carts. These days the go carts are designed for power and performance as well as passenger safety. There's full suspension along with shock absorbers. These Off road karts are designed with the adult driver in mind. Just the engine and tires themselves are technical marvels. They allow us to climb the dunes and still reach 40 mph or so.

What's most enjoyable is the squeals of the kids bouncing against their seat belts holding on tightly to the side bars and to me. I still enjoy a great go cart race. It's more fun with four, all flying through the dunes with the wind in our faces!

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