Frigidaire Refrigerator Freezers In Stores

Most shoppers are well aware of the wide variety of Frigidaire refrigerator freezers available in stores; they can be relatively difficult to miss if you shop frequently. Whatever your particular needs Frigidaire has cooling appliances for you. One often under appreciated portion of the Frigidaire model lineup is their very large selection of chest and upright freezers.

The range of Frigidaire deep chest freezers is extensive, and covers a wide variety of different sizes. At the very low end there is a tiny five cubic foot chest freezer unit. This device is best suited for homes that are tight on space, as it can be installed in very small corners of a kitchen or garage.

The more commonly sought out deep chest freezer units from this manufacturer are the larger ones. They have several models in the size range from 15 ft.³ to 25 ft.³. Frigidaire chest freezers – like those of most brands – have exceptional energy efficiency with the 15 cubic foot deep freezer requiring less than 400 kWh per year to operate.

For those who prefer upright freezers, Frigidaire also has extensive choices in this area. At the top and is the relatively large 20 ft.³ upright. While this design suffers a little with regards to electricity usage – this model uses 750 kWh per year – it does have some benefits.

The dimensions of Frigidaire upright freezers are such that they can relatively easily be installed in rather small spaces, they require very little in the way of space for footprint. This means even a large upright freezer can be installed in a relatively small kitchen.

When picking the type of freezer for your home one thing to consider is how you will keep the content organized. Upright freezers often come with built-in shelving and freezer baskets this makes them very easy to keep in order.

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