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whitegshockwatchCasio started out as a calculator manufacturing company in 1957 before making their foray into the watch industry after the electronic watch revolution during 1974. Their first electronic watch was the Casitron which had the ability display dates along with automatically updating time irrespective of long or short months or leap years. This was a great way to enter the market, after that there was no turning back. They kept introducing newer and newer watches with upgrades in technology and added functions and features every once a year.

The G-Shock model was first launched in 1983 and became an instant hit with sports active enthusiasts. It was introduced initially for the men, followed by the Baby -G for women which was based on the same G-Shock technology. It was made in a trendy, sporty and sturdy fashion with functions for training. The water resistance was up to 10 bars. The watch could be dropped, struck with hammer, compressed, submersed in water or frozen and still function in the same, efficient manner. It could withstand up to 10 meter falls. There was to be no battery replacement for the next ten years. Recently a new feature has been added - solar power, for automatic battery recharge. It also has can automatically calibrate itself to the American Standard Time because it receives signals from Fort Collins Colorado due to the self adjustment, radio control technology. A countdown and stopwatch feature is also included. It also includes features like barometer and thermometer and a moon/tide built in graph display.

The G-shock series come in limited addition also. One of the limited edition series is the G-lide. There are five watches in this category. GLX5600-1, compact and slim design. Hugs your wrists. Got a tide and moon graph display. Digital dial code, pre-programmed, auto-calender till the year 2099, back light with auto glow, and water resistant. Hourly time signals. Available in Black. GLX5600A-2 comes in Teal with the same features as the previous one. GLX5600-7 is available in White. The GLX5600-4 is available in Red and the GLX5600A-3 is available in green. All of them have the same features and are particularly meant for surfers.

Limited addition of the G-Shock, In4mation was launched in collaboration with a Hawaiian based brand. It is available in subtle coral to reflect a beach lifestyle. It is available for both genders. The watches have an In4mation logo engraved on the back of the case and the band. The watch has a high gloss finish, phase data and moon age, countdown, stopwatch(1/100th sec & 12/24hrs), water resistance up to 200M, formats, shock resistance, world time of 48 cities and three multi function alarms.

Limited edition Eric haze was designed by the New york subway original 70's artist himself. The DW5600EH-7 comes packaged in White, Black and Red. With his signature logos on the back, strap and face. The features and functions include shock resistance, 27 cities world time, 1 snooze alarm and 4 daily alarms, 200M water resistance, countdown, time signal that is hourly, 12/24 hrs format, stopwatch(1/100sec), calender that is automatic and back light and afterglow.

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