Garage Door Insulation Kit Moderates Temperatures

A garage door insulation kit will help the do it yourselfer make the garage a more comfortable place. Improved insulation will keep out the hottest heat of summer and the coldest chill of winter. More moderate temperatures protect vehicles and feel kinder to the people who drive them. Some garages do double duty, providing workshop and hobby spaces in addition to parking areas, therefore insulating these garages becomes especially important.

Insulation kits are meant to be user friendly. They come in standard sizes that fit most garage styles. Easy to follow directions with all needed materials included make these kits convenient. One good quality option is the insulation kit made by Owens Corning. Meant for garages with standard nine foot doors, the kit includes vinyl R-8 insulation panels, adhesives, and fasteners. No special equipment is needed to install the kit’s components.

Texas Garages makes another quality kit. This one features fiberglass insulation. It provides enough material to insulate a garage that has a 16-foot door. The recycled fiberglass contains no formaldehyde and is flame retardant. The kit includes all the items needed for secure installation.

Other top quality kits come from North Shore. The company has several sizes available that will work in garages with eight, nine, or ten-foot wide doors. With insulation provided in 2” x 10’ rolls, it is easy to install and clean. The North Shore kits include disposable trimming knives and all the adhesives needed.

A garage door insulation kit offers convenience to homeowners as well as saving them money over time. Heating and air conditioning bills can be lowered, and in the case of attached garages, keep major temperature changes from entering the house. With lower power bills, the homeowner can save enough to spend on the next do-it-yourself project. Corrugated roofing sheets costs can now be figured into the budget for the next worthwhile improvement.

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