3 Types of Garden Hose Storage Systems to Consider

When taking care of our plants in our garden, we always see to it that they are perfectly healthy and should be watered regularly. However, the part that we often overlook is our garden equipment most especially our garden hoses. Many gardeners see hoses as mere tools to maintain the healthiness of their plants without knowing that a malfunctioned hose can also be detrimental to the plants. This is why garden hose storage systems should be considered in order for your garden hose to be stored safely when not in use.

By using proper garden hose storage, you can guarantee your hose to be fully functioning when you use it. Moreover, your hose won't be affected or get damaged during the cold seasons. Conversely, during warm seasons, improper storing of garden hoses can make them too soft due to heat.

Storage  systems comes in many forms such as  garden hose reels or storage pots. It does not really matter which one you choose, the most important factor is that your hose is properly stored in a secured location so that it cannot be damaged.

3 Types of Garden Hose Storage Systems

1. Garden Hose Reel. A garden hose reel is a type of garden hose storage which consists of a handle for you to roll up the hose into a container. They can be a good option when you're not using your garden hose since they effectively hide your hose which makes the storage very convenient. Reels come in various designs, sizes and shapes. Some hose reels are box-shaped while others have more accentuated styles. When using it, your garden hose should be attached to the port which is inside the container. Moreover, the container should also be fastened in a wall spigot.

2. Garden Hose Caddy. If you want more convenient equipment, a garden hose caddy would be apt for you. This is somehow analogous to a hose reel but the only difference is that the caddy has wheels. Of course, this type of garden hose storage can also be useful most especially if you have a large or wide yard.

3. Storage Pots. Another type of garden hose storage is the storage pot which is simpler compared to the two types mentioned above. In storing it, you simply coil your hose and place it inside the pot. Perhaps the benefit you can get in this type of hose storage is that they are more portable. They are made from various materials such as terra cotta, copper, ceramic, resin and wicker.

Storage pots made of copper are the most popular pots due to their durability and high resistance to harsh weather conditions. It is your choice if you want to purchase the type that has the lid or not. Although those without covers are more convenient to use, storage pots with lids can provide more protection to the hose.

When deciding on what kind of garden hose storage you will use, it's best to consider both the function and design of the equipment you will be getting. It may not be that easy when getting one type since there are so many models to choose from so you have to think carefully.

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