Garmin Map Updates – Are They Worth Downloading and Paying For?

If you are thinking about taking advantage of the Garmin nuMaps Guarantee program – which is the company’s commitment to their new customers that they should always have the latest maps when buying a Garmin Nuvi GPS – then you might be wondering if it is worth going through the entire sign-up and registration process in order to access free Garmin map updates.

The answer is whole-heartedly “yes” because as a road user you are at the mercy of local governments and councils developing new road structures on a yearly basis.  Put in simple terms this means that you’re Garmin Nuvi maps will not always be as current as you would like them to be.

For example, let’s say you buy your GPS in January, and then a new highway gets built in February, you will not have the adequate information available at your fingertips as you drive.

How Much Do Garmin Map Updates Cost?

If you are not a new customer then you won’t be able to download free Garmin GPS maps, but instead will have to pay for them.  Garmin map updates range in price starting at just over forty dollars for a one off map refresh going all the way up to around ninety dollars or so.

Are they worth paying for?  Definitely due to the unknown developments taking place on the nation’s roads.  Compared to the price of buying a new top end GPS unit then the cost effectiveness makes economical sense.

If you want to really make the best use of your money then choose the Garmin nuMaps Lifetime purchase for new map updates.  This lets you download new map data up to four times a year – and all for a one off payment.

Who Needs to Download New Maps?

For people who drive long distances and regularly – plus don’t plan on upgrading their Garmin Nuvi GPS sat nav in the next two years then you will soon save money in the long run.  Think of it over two years – then in effect you are spending just forty five dollars annually to give you the confidence that the maps on your Garmin sat nav device and GPS are the best ones available at the time.

So to summarise, you need to assess what option best suits you.  For new customers you can download free Garmin map updates... and for people who have owned their product for longer than 90 days you will need to do the one-off update or lifetime update.  If you are unsure on any of these choices then make sure you register a customer account and your product serial number on the free myGarmin website.

It’s free to join and lets you manage not only all the Garmin products you own, but also means you can see what maps you already have installed as well as any purchase options – plus support materials for those times when you need help with your Nuvi GPS.

Overall the message is; if you don’t want to get lost and hate asking strangers for directions then make sure you get map updates for your Garmin Nuvi GPS.

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