German Shepherd Training Tips

Dogs are not only pets but they can be our body guards. Across the world, one breed of dog that is known as police dog is the German shepherd. We, human beings, can depend on them for our safety, security and protection. These dogs just need proper training in order for them to do things for us. Therefore, you ought to get familiarized with a number of techniques and tips on how to painstakingly train these wonder dogs. They are also known as Alsatian dog. In Germany, these dogs were bred to bred and guard sheep. Another name for them is the Deutscher Schaferhund.

It is important to bear in mind that German Shepherd dogs are not cowards. They are physically strong with very alert minds. One thing you must take advantage of about them is that they are obedient enough to follow their masters and be trained. They are intelligent with full of confidence and courage. The owner and trainer of a dog like these must be bossy enough to be in control of the latter. Training for them must not be associated with treating them as humans. Their instincts as dogs and not as humans should be used to achieve a successful training. Owners must be guided by experts as they train their dogs. Along with proper guides, they also need to display authority over the dogs.

There are important tips to keep in mind for owners to get started with the training. They must not worry about how their dogs follow and learn from them because they can use their instincts to master the tricks and commands. One of the most effective ways to facilitate training of these dogs is through the use of monosyllables (one- worded commands) such as “yes”, “no”, “sit”, “good”, “bad”, and a lot more. Using multiple words can get them confused and make them lose their focus. Any completion of command or task the dogs make must be rewarded with treats and even a simple pat can express your being proud and grateful to him for the obedience and excellence. It is of vital importance that you get started with the training even when they are still puppies, as early as seven weeks.

Training a German Shepherd puppy also needs appropriate expert tips. It must be started from seven to eight weeks onwards. Like the dogs, these puppies are also intelligent. Hence, it may take some months before they can completely understand a certain command. One of the best parts of puppy training is exercising to make them physically and mentally alert. Tricks are a best tool to make the training easier. If a puppy or dog makes a mistake with regards to a certain command, avoid punishing it. Instead, you must think of the ways on how to make them recognize their mistake and perform better next time. Like humans, they also need to feel loved and well taken care of despite their wrong responses to commands.

German Shepherd Dog training has nothing to do with the age. These dogs of all ages are capable of being taught by using creative and skillful tricks or techniques. Consistency with the commands you use should be observed for them to comprehend more easily and fast their meanings. Another tip for a successful training is for to enable yourself to help the dog make a connection between a right action and a treat. Of course they do, they will always strive more for excellence to receive treats from you. It is not necessary for their trainings to last for hours. It must be undertaken throughout the day for just about 5-10 minutes.

Important commands that must be borne in mind include those on how to leash train them, to sit down, to attack, to be a guard dog, not to bite, etc. These are the things that these dogs must learn to do. Training them must be painstakingly and enjoyably done. It requires so much effort, patience and time on the part of trainers. You must be knowledgeable and affectionate enough to train them properly with affection.

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