Getting an Accounting Designation

In the accounting world, a degree isn't actually enough. Although it is recommended over programs that offer fewer opportunities, an accounting degree alone will not get you in to top-ranked positions. It is simply the start towards that same direction. With many accounting professionals today, one must prove his or her value over others. And what better way to prove that than by accounting certifications.

There are many accounting certifications available today. These certifications are sponsored by global organizations that focus on a field of specialty. With the wide array of professional designations, you can find one that fits your interest. Not everyone likes management accounting. I love management accounting and so do many others. Not everyone is into financial accounting but maybe you or others do. Accounting is so diverse and broad that being certified in a line of specialty is a big plus for your career. You can even get as many certifications as you can; there’s no rule of how many you should have. It is advisable that you take them one at a time and target those that really interest you.

Two of the well-known professional designations are the Certified Public Accountant and Certified Management Accountant. The CPA is the most famous designation. CPA’s are proficient in almost every field of accounting – financial, managerial, audit, etc. They are the Jack-of-all-Trade in accounting. Nonetheless, CPA’s are preferred in audit and attestation services. The CMA, on the other hand, is concentrated on managerial accounting. CMA’s are experts in providing management advisory and consultancy services. Both the CPA and CMA certifications generally require work experiences in specific fields. Trainee accountant jobs will help you acquire that experience. You only need to be patient in your early years as an accountant. After some years of perseverance and dedication, you will see how it will all pay off.

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