Tips on Choosing Gifts for Grandparents

Are you stuck on a gift idea for your grandparents? Gifts for grandparents can be unique and special if you choose a present that provides them with youthful memories or comes in the form of a keepsake that they can cherish and keep close to them or admire.

A Personalized Puzzle

For example, solving jigsaw puzzles is an activity that grandparents or older people enjoy. But why give them a standard picture puzzle for them to solve or put together when you can personalize it with pictures of their grandchildren? A picture puzzle is the perfect gift then to give grandparents who want to review recent pictures of the grandkids. Plus, you can also supply them with some puzzle glue, so, when they are done putting the puzzle together, they can frame the puzzle photo and hang it in their home. Another picture puzzle, too, you might consider is an image of their home or a puzzle picture of a pet cat or dog. You, no doubt, will receive appreciative expressions when you choose this personalized present.

Music Records

Most grandparents have much in the way of material things, so they prefer items that they can relate back to their youth. While most of us may appreciate MP3 players, CDs, and mobile technologies, grandparents will usually like those old records--78s and 45s—that once turned on the turntables of record players. You can find a host of records sold online too, including recordings of vintage Italian, French, and Latin music. You can also find popular records from the 50s and 60s, including musical selections that include jazz, R&B, rock-n-roll, and even doo-wop vocals. Oh, one more thing – if they don’t have a record player, you will need to buy that too. Vintage-style, standard turntables are sold online for under $100. Good brands to consider include Crosley and Pyle

Old-fashioned Treats

Of course, one of the gifts for grandparents that is sure to be savored and enjoyed is old-fashioned candy. You can include a selection in an equally old-fashioned apothecary jar. The sweet treats are not difficult to find either when you do a Google search on the Internet. Buy such items as rock candy, Life Savers, Bit O Honey, Boston Baked Beans, Chuckles, Sassafras hard candy, Jujy Fruits, Juji Jubes, Jolly Ranchers, and licorice twists.

Food as a Gift

Speaking of which, other gifts for grandparents that are always good to give are food baskets. However, be careful about sending, say, meats, if one or both of your grandparents has a heart condition. Or, if they are diabetic, then you will have to pick foods that they can eat, such as popcorn, nuts, or citrus. That said, you might also consider a “snack attack” box of trail mix, smokehouse almonds, peanuts, and pistachios. Or, another healthful snack that might be enjoyed is a cranberry and nut snack pack. Fruit baskets are always appreciated too. Pick some fresh organic fruits, such as grapefruit, kiwi, pears, or avocados.

A Bit of Color

Balloons are nice gifts for grandparents as well – a unique way to send a sentiment for birthday, Christmas or New Year’s.  Buy a balloon bouquet or present a bouquet of lovely flowers. If they enjoy gardening or plants, give your grandparents seeds for growing herbs or flowers inside the home. That way, they can always look at some colorful blooms or greenery, even on the drizzly, glum days of the winter season.

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