Green Disinfectant Is Kinder To The Environment

As more and more people are becoming aware of the fact that we need to take better care of this beautiful planet of ours,maybe we should reconsider the amount of  chemical cleaners that we use around the house in our every day lives. Using a green disinfectant is kinder to the environment so if you must use disinfectant then try using a green one, as eventually all these different disinfectants have to end up some where. We don't really need to use most of these chemical that we use around the house, after all they weren't available years ago and people manage fine. Nobody is going to change there habits over night and if you tried to it probably would not last long as you would get bored with to much change at once. But perhaps a little bit today and then a bit more tomorrow.

There plenty of alternatives to the chemical cleaners that we use every day it is just that we have got so reliant on the modern cleaning practises we tend to forget the old ways of green cleaning. Baking soda is a great example, with this you can clean your bath and even your babies bottles as it will not scratch plastic. A squeeze of lemon is perfect for cleaning your work surfaces, and lets face it i would rather prepare food on a surface clean with a lemon than one that has been cleaned with who knows what. Vinegar is another great one with many uses, you can use this with some old newspaper to clean your windows or mirrors, basically any glassware. It also works well to remove smells, just soak something smelly in vinegar and the smells should go. When you  look in to it there is a myriad of things that we have forgotten about that our grandparents use everyday. And it does seem a shame that these things once forgotten never come back.

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