A Brief Guide to Short Term Car Insurance

Before I began traveling for a living, I had really never heard of the idea of a short term car insurance policy. I just figured that everybody was like me, had a long-term policy with a couple of cars on it with a few liability and damages limits, and that was that. How very self-centered of me.

It turns out that there is a substantial market for short term car insurance. Here are a few cases that help illustrate when and how it’s important to look at a short term car insurance policy.

First, if drive so infrequently that you don’t have a car, or your car is permanently garaged and not insured for damages or liability, then you need to establish a temporary car insurance policy before you borrow or rent an auto. It will provide cover for damages, liability, and personal injury expenses in the event you’re involved in an accident while you’re driving the borrowed or rented car.

If you do drive frequently enough to have a long term auto insurance policy of your own already established, and you’re going to be in another city without your car, you may or may not already have liability and personal injury coverage protection in place to cover you while you’re driving the rental. This should be spelled out explicitly in your existing insurance policy. They’re often written in nearly impenetrable legal-ese, so if you need an interpreter’s help, you can consult an attorney. Another method is just to call your insurance company and ask them if you’re covered with a temporary insurance policy clause. If not, you can likely purchase one on the spot.

It might not be at the top of your list of things to plan for your trip, but it should definitely make your list somewhere. You don’t want to get caught in an accident without insurance!

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