Guide to Tennis Elbow Braces

You may have encountered the idea of wearing tennis elbow brace when you have researched about your tennis elbow or have consulted your physician about your condition. A number of complex and expensive products claim to be effective in management of such injury. With these choices, it is very difficult to choose. You do not want to regret in the end. Hence, before making any decision, it is important to have a complete understanding of the condition and the mechanisms of its healing.

Tennis elbow is an extremely painful condition characterized by inflammation of muscles, tendons, and ligaments surrounding the elbow. It may result from sudden trauma or repetitive forceful motion that tears up the structures supporting the elbow. Among the causes of tennis elbow, playing tennis and other related sports is the most common, hence the name.

Like any other tissue injuries, tennis elbow undergoes a series of events towards healing. The injured part releases chemicals that lead to inflammation. These chemicals induce various processes. For one, these cause the blood vessels to dilate, leading to increased blood flow that brings about the reddish appearance of the injured area. Adequate blood flow is necessary for healing because the blood contains nutrients that are essential in tissue repair. Together with dilation of the blood vessels comes the increased permeability of the vessels, allowing the plasma proteins and fluids to leak. These substances are also necessary in recovery. These chemicals cause pain sensation as well. Thus, swelling, pain, and redness are all part of the normal healing process.

However, swelling must be controlled. Otherwise, it may already impede blood flow that will delay recovery. This is the reason why tennis elbow brace must be worn. This device reduces swelling through compression. It effectively applies pressure on every angle of the injured muscles, pushing the excess fluids and substances that have leaked back to the blood vessels. Not only does the compression decrease swelling, it also relieves the pain sensation. Pain is brought about by the prolonged swelling and limited blood flow. Thus, as swelling is gradually resolved, blood flow is increased and pain is reduced.

Using tennis elbow brace is easy. Here are the steps: The very first thing you have to do is to check the device for any defects. Otherwise, it won’t serve its purpose and worse, you’d run the risk of aggravating the injury.  Wear the elbow brace  with your hand extended. Straighten your fingers and relax  your arm. It would be difficult to put the brace on with your arms bent.  Hold the device by the edge using the opposite hand and see to it that the correct side of the device is above and below your arm. Firmly but smoothly pull the brace over your forearm and elbow. Make sure that there is an equal distribution of the fabric of the brace below and above the elbow. Fasten the closures securely and evenly. Adjust it to a comfortable fit. Do not forget to clean your elbow regularly. Keep the brace clean as well by washing away dirt and skin oil that may have adhered to it. Wash it with warm water and soap and hang it to dry.?

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