Gutter Cleaning Equipment – The Basics You Need

Gutter cleaning equipment - every homeowner must have at least a bit of that handy. Cleaning the gutters on your roof, is one of the easiest and most important things you can do, to ensure the integrity and well-being of your roof - and the rest of your house too. If water cannot flow freely off the roof, into the gutters and away to the sewers, it will start going all sorts of places where you don't want it.

It is a good thing that you do not need many gutter cleaning tools to do basic gutter cleaning then. Apart from a ladder to enable you to reach that high, you need something to scoop the debris out of the gutters (we call it a gutter scoop) and preferable also a bucket to scoop it into. Just hurling it to the ground is not the best idea, since it will often be so soft and mud-like, that it will splatter onto your walls. Then you have to clean that off too. A good gutter scoop will fit the shape of your gutter, to some extent. A round-bottomed scoop will not fare well in a box shaped gutter, and vice-versa. I am sure you can imagine. Beyond simple scoops come such things as garden hoses with spray nozzles, or even pressure washers with special gutter cleaning accessories. That stuff costs some money, but if you have a lot of gutters to clean once or twice a year, then it may just be worth it. The most time consuming part of this kind of work, is to move the ladder around and climb up and down it, so anything you can do to save time somewhere in the process, will make it all more tolerable.

Don't forget to run some water through the cleaned gutter, to see if all is well - and if it is sloping the right way.

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