Hardwood Floor Cleaning – The Right Way

If you are one of those houses than have a hardwood floor in your living room, then I must tell you that you have style. Not everyone can actually pull this off since if not taken cared of well, it will actually look old fashioned. So to maintain this properly, you must know simple tips for cleaning prefinished hardwood floors.

The first step in this is sweeping your floor properly. Do not try to skip this phase as doing so will just make the succeeding steps harder and actually less effective. When doing this, try not to be lazy and actually move things around so you can get all the dirt from under them. Better to actually use a broom with a long handle so that you do not have to bend too much. You can sweep some places better like under the bed or a sofa.

After sweeping, it's now time to mop the floor. The trick with mopping wood floors is to use as little water as possible. When you use too much, then you might just let some of it seep into the wood which will in turn degrade it quickly. It will also cause these stain marks that cannot be removed easily. So the moment you take your mop out of the bucket, make sure it is not dripping and that you have wrung it well. Always start with the area farthest from you and work your way backwards to ensure that you are not stepping on any wet spot.

After this, proceed with waxing the floor. This is your final step so make it count. It will not only give your floor a shiny finish, but it will also protect it from scratches and liquid spills.

There you have it, simple tips for cleaning wood floors. I recommend you do this twice a month to receive its full effect.

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