Hardwood Flooring For Modern Homes

Wood plank flooring was once one of the most popular types of home flooring solutions in the world. All this changed, however, with the advent of new and cheaper synthetic flooring materials such as vinyl and tiles, wood plank flooring was slowly pushed back into the background. In modern times, hardwood flooring has gained the status of a type of luxury home furnishing. This is because the installation of wood plank flooring has become rarer and the materials more expensive due to the lack of demand coupled with the competition from cheaper types of home flooring solutions.

There are many types of wood plank flooring available for modern homes. Although hardwood flooring is generally recommended when it comes to plank flooring, softer and more exotic types of wood may also be used. Some common types of wood plank flooring include solid oak flooring, cherry flooring, walnut flooring, mahogany flooring and even more exotic types of wood such as ebony.

Plank flooring uses a brick-layer method of setting the planks such as a 3-4-5” pattern or a 4-5-6” pattern of laying out the planks. The planks themselves are held in place by supportive floor joist. This technique has been around since the Middle Ages and was widely used back in the 20th century. In modern wood plank flooring installations, an interlayer of insulation material is used to separate the planks from the floor joist.

Over-all, while hardwood plank flooring can be quite expensive, it is still quite worth its price even in a modern home. Wood plank flooring goes surprisingly well with the minimalistic design of most modern homes but certainly does not look out of place when placed with more traditional interior decorations. Plank flooring is also easily customizable with different tones and finishes. Most modern wood plank flooring are also made to be moisture resistant in order to ensure their longevity.

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