Helmet Camera Reviews: My Top 3 Helmet Cameras

You may have seen videos on YouTube where someone is cycling downhill at unbelievable speeds or comes face to face with a 15 ft wave - well these moments can only be captured and shared with one special piece of equipment. Helmet cameras for the consumer market are a relatively new concept and have recently become popular due to the moments of excitement that they can capture which would otherwise be impossible to do so.

If you are in the market for purchasing a good helmet camera, you will probably find it a bit confusing with so many available. After I spent hours researching the perfect helmet camera for myself, I thought it would be a good idea to share my knowledge with a review of the top 3 rated helmet cameras to help others in the same position:

Helmet Camera Reviews

1. ContourHD 1080p Helmet Camera

This is one of the top rated cameras because it helped to revolutionize the world of video by creating the very first hands free HD video camea. It has helped many people with the way they now shoot as well as share their videos with it's one button operation as well as the dual laser alignment which now has set the actual standard for hands free video.

You can experience the great outdoors and extreme sports while capturing it all on this beautiful 1080p HD video camera. It allows the user to be able to share exciting experiences with others with ease and brings home all the action to be enjoyed in the future. It's ideal for people who love to surf, mountain bike, rock climb and other outdoor adventures that require your hands to be busy doing other things rather than holding onto a camera.

One of it's best selling points is it's tough aluminum body and it's water resistence, which means it can be taken where there is rain, snow, mud, you name it. It has been noted however, one of it's disadvantages is the fact that it's output is .mov and while this is great for MAC users, for PC users this means you would need to transcode it first -although this not a huge problem as the latest versions of video software do this automatically.

2. GoPro HD Motorsports HERO

This is the ideal camera for those who are truly into extreme sports. This camera was specifically made for those into these types of events. It is not only great for connecting to the athlete's helmet but can also be attached to a surf board, motorcycle, car, bike, or anything involved in an extreme sport.

It has a wide range of video and photo abilities and produces professional quality sharpness with rich and realistic color with professional sound that will adust to your environment automatically.  Storage space is plentiful as it can use up to 32GB SD cards but if that is too much it also supports 2, 4, 8 and 16GB cards too. The unit itself is shockproof and waterproof so it's great to use in rocky areas, in the rain, the snow and even on dives as far down as 196 feet.

The only downside of this helmet camera is that it can be a little difficult to set up for first time users. The menu can be a little hard to read and may be a little difficult to understand if a person is not really tech savvy. Other than that, the GoPro HD camera is a well rounded unit with some great features.

3. Tachyon OPS Helmet Camera

If you are looking for something smaller than the normal helmet camera and one that will fit anyone's budget, the Tachyon OPS helmet camera is a good choice. It weighs less than 1 lb and can be mounted on a helmet, goggles, baseball caps and even jackets. This is a great miniature camera for anyone who is an outdoor enthusiast. It's miniature size and one button operation is great for those who don't want to worry about adjusting anything, just mount it, click and go.

One of it's best selling points is that it is not much bigger than the size of a disposable lighter. It also has pleased many with it's incredible video quality, especially since it's not an HD camera. The only small niggle with this helmet cam is that it does not use the standard USB connector cable - it's shipped with it's own version which means replacing it would be a little more difficult if it were lost  or damaged.

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