Why Holiday packages in Goa Are Value for Money

Goa is nested beautifully on the western coast of India and enjoys a wide expanse of the Indian ocean making it a natural home to India's hospitality sector and its stunning beaches have drawn people from all over the world to immerse themselves in the holiday spirit that Goa so bountifully offers to the world wide tourist visiting its shores.

Goa's mainstay tourism season begins from September and lasts till middle of March every year. Charter flights to Goa during this period bring hordes of tourists to the land of the sea, sun and the sand to indulge in some great holiday fun. Charter tourists offer the ready tourism potential straight to Goa and give the guarantee of business to Goa's numerous starred hotels. Charter tourists flocking to Goa were originally form the United Kingdom. However now East European countries are quickly taking over from the English with Charter tourists form these countries outnumbering the tourists from England. So you have tourists from countries like France, Denmark, Switzerland, Poland, Norway and Finland coming up with impressive tourism figures for the Goa tourism industry.

When the the above seasonal period was normally over in earlier years, the hotels would normally fold their mat and prepare for the next season with all the renovations and repairs being undertaken during the off season. Business was also mostly non-existent barring a few rooms occupied by the odd traveler to Goa. Also June to August months being the Monsoon period, it was considered to be silent on the tourism scene.

However since the year 2009 the Goa government has added  innovative Goa tourism packages aimed at wooing the tourists to Goa by roping in the hotels and the airlines to entice tourists with tempting offers which normally would not be the case in the season time. The result has been pretty outstanding with hotels steadily increasing their occupancy rates during the monsoon season and the package deals catching quite well especially with the domestic tourists from India who have caught on to the lure of the cheap holidays that these packages offer.

So besides being a weekend getaway in the monsoon months for a slice of Goa, the packages have also served to offer options of 5 star luxury to middle income pockets who might have not enjoyed these comforts during the peak season periods. It has therefore dawned on tourists including those form various parts of the world that the Monsoon season is a better time to visit Goa to take advantage of the bountiful add-ons provide by the hotels and the airlines in a  bid to boost their profits in the months of June to August which have traditionally been lean periods of business.

The trend nowadays is therefore changed in the Goa tourism sector with hotels being contently upto the mark in occupancy levels in the months of the monsoon and at the same time having enough scope to undertake their various developmental works of renovations etc. It is also a win win situation for the government of Goa as well as the world tourist who has realized that the best time to be in Goa is probably the Monsoons when Goa is the most delightful to enjoy besides offering a cheap holiday.

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