Home Product Testing Jobs: A General Overview

A Fun Way to Make Extra Cash

If you are someone who likes to shop or try new products when they are introduced, then you will find your niche with the home product testing jobs that are available on the Internet. This type of testing is another way manufacturers obtain survey information from the public. In many instances, by signing up for home product testing, you can obtain a slew of free products or items that have been discounted from the regular retail price. While you won’t become a millionaire by opting for at home product testing, you will have fun reviewing the myriad of products that you get to keep.

A Way to Improve Products that are Being Sold

By signing up with a product survey company and giving your demographic information (age, gender, and location), the company can match you up with manufacturers that need specific people to examine and give their opinions on different products. It’s probably the best way for many product developers to find out what people really think about the items that are being sold.

How Home Testing Works: A Couple Examples

So, how does free home product testing work? Usually, it’s a very easy process. For instance, say that you are asked to test a certain type of cologne. Typically, the testing company will send you a sample for you to use for a week or two. During the home product testing, you will be sent a couple surveys that will ask you about your reactions with respect to using the product. For example, if it was cologne – did you like the scent? Or, maybe you are asked to test a product sample that is a food item. If you are required to review a piece of chocolate, for instance, you will probably be asked about quality and taste.

Are you a Good Candidate for Product Testing Work?

If you are open to discussing any purchases you make, then you are well-suited to home product testing work. Just make sure that you strictly follow the instructions from the survey company. Obviously, if they ask you to send some part of the product back, you’ll have to comply, particularly if you want to get paid or get credit for the project.

A Worthwhile Avocation

Most people will agree that taking part in free home product testing is more fun than it is work. Therefore, it’s a great way to pick up a little cash and enjoy some free products as well. Plus, you are contributing to helping companies improve their lines and selections.

Consumer Product Panels

Not only that, you can find a vast variety of product testing jobs. For example, you may test software products for some companies or take part in consumer product advisory panels for household product organizations. Joining consumer product panels gives you the opportunity to make use of coupons, take part in sweepstakes, and obtain free samples. In return, all you have to do is give your opinion.

A Matter of Taste

Some consumer product testing companies ask for consumers to take part in giving their reviews of food products. By evaluating certain foods, you will enable food processors to improve the taste and quality of the products they sell. Usually, home testers are anywhere between 18 and 65, so the field is open to almost anyone.

Good Sensory Skills Needed

Some companies specialize in evaluations where you are asked to give your opinion about the scent, appearance, taste, and texture of different products. This helps manufacturers determine if they need to make alterations to certain items or substances. Product testing also enables manufacturers to back up their advertising claims. People with good sensory skills are asked to test such products as frozen dinners, soft drinks, detergent, mouthwash, shampoo, soap, and soup.

Specific Product Categories

Other companies only deal with specific products. For example, product testers working for one company many only test fishing gear. Product manufacturers also need evaluators for nail care products, golf items, and educational items as well.

Home Product Testing - Available Online

All in all, product testing is an activity that doesn’t take a great deal of your time and can turn out to be quite interesting. You can find home product testing jobs through a number of venues and one of the recommended places is Vindale Research.

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