Skin Tag Removal Tips – 8 Home Remedies for Skin Tag Removal

woman-doctorSkin tags are problematic and can be of utmost discomfort. They can be even more irritating physically and psychologically, when they occur in places where you are not able to wear clothes to cover them up, such as your arms, face, and neck. Covered skin tags can also be annoying as they are liable to come into contact with clothing and cause itchiness and chafing.

For a few unlucky people, these skin tags keep reappearing and do not stop once and for all. It is evident that they do not want to live with it. So the question that always remains is how one can tackle this situation? How to can you get rid of skin tags?

Skin Tag Removal Remedies

Well, it is definitely possible. To help you get rid of your skin tags and feel good about your body, help is on its way! The following is 8 methods about how one can eliminate these ugly tags from your body. The tips help you free yourself from skin tags by simple methods that could be carried out at home, thus saving you from otherwise costly expenses. Many people confuse other skin marks and blemishes as skin tags. This is often a very common misconception and should be assessed carefully before following any of the methods mentioned below, as if they are other skin marks, the process could be extremely painful.

Identifying Skin Tags and Ways to Remove Skin Tags at Home

So how can you distinguish between a skin tag and a normal skin mark? The answer to this is that skin tags usually grow slowly, over a period of time. The largest they can grow is 1.3cm. They are generally of a different color than rest of the skin, and grow over a small portion of skin where they originate.

1. The first method is a simple one, requiring very few items that would be present in your house. A single thread, and scissors or nail cutter is all that you will need. First, tie the skin tag against its base firmly with the thread. After that, with the help of scissors or nail cutter, chip off the extra skin. The object you use to chip off the skin tag must be absolutely clean and sanitized. Using alcohol is a very effective way of following this procedure. However, this method is very painful!

2. The second method yields better results than the first. It is also less painful. Basic ingredients like baking soda and castor oil will be enough for this procedure. First, make a clear paste of both the ingredients by mixing them till it becomes thick. Next apply this thick paste on the tag for 3-4 times on a daily basis. You will observe the skin tag slowly disappearing, leaving no clue of its existence. However, this process may take some time to produce desirable results.

3. If both the above methods do not appeal to you, there is always possibility of visiting a doctor. Although, consulting a doctor for removal of skin tags could cost you some reasonable amount of money, it is viewed as a very good explanation to your skin tag problems.

4. There is actually a product that is indicated for skin tag removal. This product is called DermaTrend. By applying it on the infected area, you can guarantee healing within three days. Furthermore, there is even a high chance that your skin will completely rejuvenate in just a few days.

5. Another product you can use is the apple cider vinegar which is also known to get rid of skin tags. By rubbing it on the infected area including the skin's surfaces, you can already get best upshots in just three weeks provided that you have implemented this procedure daily.

6. If still not contented with the products mentioned above, you may want to try a finger nail polisher. This product is also a good remedy for skin tag removal. It is imperative however to apply the nail polish on the infected area regularly in three weeks. When this is attained, you will observe that the loose skin is slowly dying and will just detach from your healthy skin.

7. Vaseline can also be used to remove skin tags. By applying them on the area, the skin tag will get suffocated and will automatically fall of.

8. Herbal remedies indicated for skin tag removal are also available. An example would be a topical treatment called Dermisil. This product is indicated to treat skin ailments like warts, scabies and including skin tags. This is effective since it only affects the infected area of the skin and ascertains that those loose skins will be detached from your healthy skin.

A highly recommended resource for removing skin tags at home is the skin tag removal guide which has been proven to work.

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