Hot Yoga DVD – The Tried and Tested Methods of Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga is often referred to as "hot yoga" and provides various yoga styles that are developed by Bikram Choudhury and another company based in Los Angeles, California. Hot yoga usually lasts for about 90 minutes, a person is guided with 26 postures with two proper breathing exercises. This type of yoga is suitable for people of all ages and you can learn at home with a hot yoga DVD.

What is Hot Yoga?

The main reason as to why this is referred to as hot yoga is because it is a technique that should be practiced in a warm room as mentioned earlier. This yoga style originated from Hinduism and in a Yoga College located somewhere in India. The Bikram yoga has a total of 26 postures or also known as asanas. Furthermore, two breathing techniques are provided as well.

From the word 'asana', it means 'seat' that is connected to the spirit that is related to the divine. The main purpose of asanas is to get back to meditation as it is included in the yoga exercises. By applying asanas, it can enhance the flexibility as well as the strength of your muscles.

Asanas is more preferable to be practiced along with some slow breathing exercises in order to maximize the benefits. These breathing techniques should be done naturally and through the nose. It is important to let go of all the tightness and tension of the body in order to acquire the maximum benefits of asanas.

Tips and Warm Up Advice

It is important to follow some directions prior to following the yoga techniques. For example, it is more suitable to do it in a warm room approximately 40.5 degrees Celsius plus a humidity of about 40%.

The heated room provided when practicing Bikram yoga is for you to decrease the risks of getting injuries. Furthermore, it also enables you to go deeper in every posture that you are going to do.

Another important reminder is to have your own towel and a yoga mat since the heated room will definitely let you produce a lot of sweat. Additionally, try to wear thin clothing as well. To prevent dehydration, drink a lot of water before and after following the exercises. Finally, try to avoid eating foods two hours before the class.

Benefits of Hot Yoga:

1.) Enhances breathing capacity

2.) Exercises every vital organs in your body as well as your muscles, tendons, ligaments, glands and nerves

3.) Can improve prolonged illnesses and prevents other injuries

4.) Attains great body toning results

5.) Achieves good sleep

6.) Can promote weight gain or loss depending on what your body needs

7.) Can improve body posture and awareness

8.) Releases stress

9.) Promotes proper coordination, balance, discipline and focus

10.) Clears your mind

About Bikram Choudhury

Bikram, the developer of these exercises faced a serious accident at the age of 17 during a weightlifting incident. He injured his knees and doctors told him they thought that he would never be able to walk again. Knowing the virtues of yoga, he never gave in to his condition. That is why he went to Ghosh's school to practice yoga to undergo the healing process of his injuries. He believes that yoga helped him to improve his posture and strengthen his muscles so he developed his own modified version of yoga method to share with the world.

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